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The country of Chile is so long that it would stretch from the northernmost point of Norway all the way south to Morocco

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Alaska is technically the Northernmost, Westernmost AND EASTERMOST point in the United States, because it crosses the International Date Line.

What was the northernmost point of japanese control by december 1942?

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  1. Alaska is not only the United State’s Northernmost and Westernmost point, it’s also the Easternmost point as well.

  2. There is no landmass between the latitudes of the southern tip of Argentina and the northernmost point of Antarctica, consequently the oceans in that range are able to be the roughest in the world.

  3. The northernmost island in The Bahamas is Grand Bahama with a population around 51,000, land area of 530 square miles, and the highest land elevation point is 40 feet.

  4. The northernmost point in Antarctica and the Southernmost point in South America are only about 600 miles from one another.

  5. The Northwest Angle - the northernmost point in the contiguous USA

  6. There is man attempting to leave leave an unbroken chain of footsteps across South America from the southernmost point (Cape Froward, Chile) to the northernmost point (Punta Gallinas, Colombia). He's almost halfway!

  7. Estcourt Station is the northernmost point of New England and Maine.

  8. The northernmost point on the Island of Ireland is Banba’s Crown which in fact is in the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland

  9. The northernmost point of the Southern United States as defined by the U.S Census Bureau is at the same latitude as portions of New York City.

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