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Alison Botha, a South African woman who survived 46 stabs to her throat and abdomen by using one hand to hold up her partially severed head and the other to carry her disemboweled intestines in a t-shirt until she reached help.

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Blackbeard was shot 5 times and stabbed 20 times in the ambush that killed him, and it took someone slitting his throat from behind to finally end him.

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  1. In 2004 van Gogh's great-grandnephew, Theo, was murdered for making a film about violence against women in Islam. He was shot more than 8 times, cut in the throat to decapitate him, stabbed in the chest and stabbed with another knife attaching a note that threatened Western countries & Jews.

  2. When hummingbirds reach puberty, the males’ beaks grow longer and sharper. They use them to stab other males in the throat to secure mating spots.

  3. In 2001 Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, head, and arm during a barroom brawl. Vince Vaughn was also in the brawl, and was maced and arrested for brutalising one of Buscemi's attackers.

  4. Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, the cheek and above his eye in a barfight in 2001

  5. Elizabeth Stride (1843-1888) and Catherine Eddowes (1842-1888) were both murdered on September 30. Both women were drinkers, known to associate with criminals, and Stride had a past as a prostitute in Sweden. Stride was stabbed in the neck but not mutilated, while Eddowes had her throat cut with her uterus and part of her kidney removed. The women were killed in two different events.

  6. Moments before his assassination at the hands of 20 men invading the governor's palace, Francisco Pizaro aged near 70 years old at the time, managed to kill two attackers and ran through a third before being stabbed in the throat.

  7. MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko once killed a bear by piercing through its throat with a bear spear and then stabbing it in the heart with a knife, a traditional way of Russian bear hunting, that is seldom practiced now.

  8. Male hummingbirds grow longer, sharper beaks than females as they age - which they then use to stab each other in the throat during their elaborate mating ritual.

  9. Steve Buscemi was once stabbed to the throat, head and arm in a barrom fight. Left with a big scar on the cheek, heavy make up is used on his films to cover the scar.

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