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Steve Buscemi was once stabbed outside a bar while attempting to break up a fight between a local guy and Vince Vaughn.

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In 2001, Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi got into a bar brawl with North Carolina locals, with Vaughn getting maced and Buscemi being stabbed in the face, jaw, and neck

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  1. In 2001 Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, head, and arm during a barroom brawl. Vince Vaughn was also in the brawl, and was maced and arrested for brutalising one of Buscemi's attackers.

  2. Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, the cheek and above his eye in a barfight in 2001

  3. Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi were involved in a bar brawl becuase Vaughn was talking to the girlfriend of one of the guys at the bar. The brawl left Buscemi with multiple stab wounds to the face and neck after which he had to have plastic surgery.

  4. Steve Buscemi was once stabbed multiple times while brawling alongside Vince Vaughn!

  5. Vince Vaughn was arrested for a bar fight. During the fight, actor Steve Buscemi was stabbed several times, which resulted in a permanent scar on his cheek.

  6. Steve Buscemi was stabbed three times in the face and neck after a bar fight during the filming of Domestic Disturbance and required plastic surgery.

  7. Steve Buscemi, the guy who volunteered to be a firefighter during 9/11, was stabbed in the neck in 2001 during a bar fight and now wears makeup to cover the scar.

  8. Steve Buscemi was once stabbed to the throat, head and arm in a barrom fight. Left with a big scar on the cheek, heavy make up is used on his films to cover the scar.

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