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3 Honolulu firefighters were killed and 6 others injured after being attacked by Japanese planes while fighting fires at Hickam Field during the Pearl Harbor bombing. For their peacetime heroism, all 9 men received Purple Hearts, making them the only firefighters to awarded as such to date.

The first fatality of a 9/11 firefighter occurred at approximately 9:30 a.m., when a civilian leaping from the south tower struck firefighter Daniel Suhr.

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  1. During 9-11 rescue operations, firefighters at ground zero would hide in the rubble so rescue dogs could "survivors". Constantly finding perished victims was leading to high stress in the dogs who thought they were failing.

  2. A former Brazilian firefighter killed 9 drug addicts because he blamed them for the death of his son, who had been murdered in a troubled neighbourhood. He attacked 14 victims over a 5-month period.

  3. Steven Buscemi, a famous firefighter, was also in a show called Bob's Burgers, a show that started on January (9), 20(11)

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