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Modern sports betting originated in 19th century competitive walking, called pedestrianism. Pedestrianism started when English aristocracy would match their servants against each other in walking contests and bet heavily on the outcome.

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Magnús Scheving (Sportacus from Lazy Town) made a bet with a friend that each could master a sport they knew nothing about in three years. Magnús chose snooker for Fjölnir and Fjölnir chose aerobics for Magnús. Magnús became a champion in aerobics, Fjölnir became Icelandic champion in snooker

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  1. Magnús Scheving (Sportacus and creator of Lazytown) and a friend bet each other that each could master a sport of the other's choosing that they knew nothing about in three years. They both became champions.

  2. Magnús Scheving (Sportacus from LazyTown) made a bet with his friend to master a sport of the other's choosing he knew nothing about in three years. Magnús became a champion in aerobics, just as his friend became the Icelandic snooker champion.

  3. 3 of the 4 biggest long shots to win in sports betting history happened in the last 5 years

  4. Magnus Scheving, the creator and star of Lazytown, made a bet with a friend where each has to master a sport of the other's choosing that he knows absolutely nothing about in three years. Scheving was given aerobics. He became a national and international champion shortly after.

  5. In Elizabethan England the most popular "sport" was bear-baiting. A bear would be chained to a stake by its leg and a pack of dogs unleashed to torment and attack the bear, while spectators cheered and placed bets on the outcome. Bull-baiting was also a popular form of entertainment.

  6. Tim Donaghy, an ex-NBA referee who was convicted of betting on his own games, now runs a sports betting company that markets itself on having "insider experience in officiating games and knows all to well how and what can affect a score"

  7. Sal Culosi; a wealthy gambler who was swayed by an undercover police officer into betting more than $2,000 on a sports game. The day after his bet, the officer arranged for a SWAT team to enter his house to arrest him, but Sal ended up with a bullet through his heart, dying instantly.

  8. Hamster Racing is an actual sport that you can bet on.

  9. There's a sport in Saudi Arabia where a pigeon and falcon are released at the same time and bets are taken to see if the falcon catches the pigeon.

  10. Rat-baiting: A now illegal blood sport, which involves placing captured rats in a sunken pit surrounded by spectators and then betting on how long it takes a dog, usually a terrier, to kill them.

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Edward Payson Weston, an American "walkist" who helped popularize the sport by winning a $10,000 ($157,861 in 2017) bet walking from New York City to Chicago in 26 days in 1867

Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck were part of a huge gambling syndicate that were renamed characters of a book on the subject of high stakes sports betting called "The Smart Money"by Michael Konik. - source

The 2016 American presidential election was the biggest non sporting betting event in British history. - source

Bookmaking or sports betting is illegal in the majority of the US.

Casino patrons bet more than $37 billion annually—more than Americans spend to attend sporting events ($17.8 billion), go to the movies ($10.7 billion), and buy music ($6.8 billion) combined. - source

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The 19th Century sport of Pedestrianism form a of competitive walking, often professional and funded by wagering, which grew out of a man loosing a bet where he had to walk almost 400 miles across america, brining in crowds of 50,000+

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In the 1800s one of the most popular sports to bet on was long-distance walking.

Tennis is the 3rd most bet upon sport in the world. It is also prone to fixed matches.

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