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A mother suffers from hyperlactation syndrome, an over production of breastmilk. Instead of dumping her milk she decided to donate them. She spends 4-5 hours each day pumping milk and in two years she has donated 609 gallons of breastmilk, most going to feeding premature babies.

50 Cent used his fans to pump and dump a stock he had a significant share in, netting him $8.7 million over the weekend.

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  1. The real life Rudy Ruettiger, from the movie "Rudy", participated in a pump and dump scheme and defrauded investors of his sports drink company, Rudy Nutrition.

  2. In 2011 "Rudy" Ruettiger(famous Norte Dame football player) was charged with security fraud by the SEC, for participating in a pump-and-dump scheme. Settlement of the case required Ruettiger to pay $382,866 in fines, though he was not required to admit guilt.[13]

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