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Spider fighting in the Philippines is extremely popular with the youth, its like a form of high stakes pokemon.

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Pinball was was illegal until a high stakes game was played in court to prove it was a game of skill

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  1. High Stakes Gambler Phil Ivey had a list of requests that would give him an advantage to win. Two casinos granted the requests and sued him afterwards for cheating. He won over 20 million dollar.

  2. ..Ronald Reagan owned a rare high end American made car, a Dual Ghia, which he lost in a high-stakes poker game with then-President Lyndon Johnson, who kept the car for several years.

  3. US and Soviet Navy captains in the Mediterranean would play high stakes chicken with their ships.

  4. Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck were part of a huge gambling syndicate that were renamed characters of a book on the subject of high stakes sports betting called "The Smart Money"by Michael Konik.

  5. A high-stakes gambler bet two brothers, who weighed 305lbs and 135lbs, that they couldn’t weigh within one pound of each other within a year. Their wager was $3,000 at 50:1 odds - yesterday they won the $150,000 bet, both weighing exactly 188.3lbs.

  6. The CGI intro sequence for Need For Speed : High Stakes (1999) was made to shit on ricer cars for trying to take on exotics. 4 years later they made a game on ricer cars anyways (NFS Underground).

  7. Nick Dandolos won and lost over $15 billion (adjusted for inflation) in his lifetime from high stakes gambling.

  8. Nick Dandalos, AKA "Nick the Greek" won and lost an estimated $500 million ($15 billion in today's dollars) from high-stakes gambling, having gone from rags to riches 73 times.

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