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The QWERTY keyboard layout is very inefficient when compared to alternatives. It was originally created to "slow down" typists in order to decrease the chances of jamming the typewriter. However, the layout still endures today as we use it almost exclusively.

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In 1873 QWERTY keyboard was designed to increase efficiency by slowing down typists and prevent the typewriters from jamming so often when two adjacent keys near simultaneously. The design incorporated tricks to slow down typing speed by dispersing common letters on the left side

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  1. Rather than being invented to slow typists down, the QWERTY keyboard was created to separate keys commonly used together in an effort to avoid typewriter jams, effectively speeding typing up.

  2. The QWERTY keyboard was not designed to slow typists down, but for telegraph operators to transcribe Morse code as efficiently as possible. Remington and Sholes are responsible for its widespread adoption, not its conception.

  3. QWERTY was not invented to slow typists down, but to transcribe morse code more efficiently

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