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Certain types of contact lenses worn only during sleep reshape your cornea. After taking them out in the morning, your vision is as good as it would be while normally wearing contacts or glasses. Studies also suggest the lenses slow or stop myopic progression in children.

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Aronia is often labeled as 'superfood" due to exceptionally high amount of antioxidants (substances which prevent cell damage and slow down aging process) compared to other types of fruit.

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  1. The standard QWERTY keyboard was actually designed to slow down typing speed by spacing out commonly used letters so that typewriters wouldn’t jam as often.

  2. Rapini improves function of cardiovascular system, eyes and bones. It can prevent development of atherosclerosis and certain types of cancer. Rapini is also used to boost immune system, normalize blood sugar level, slow down aging process and prevent dementia.

  3. The Japanese's primary infantry rifle for WW2, the bolt action Type 99 Arisaka, was equipped with anti aircraft sights. Primarily used for taking down slow recon planes used by the Chinese, they were obsolete by the time the US entered the war.

  4. Vine spinach facilitates digestion, improves function of eyes, prevents cell damage induced by free radicals, iron-deficiency anemia, osteoporosis and development of certain types of cancer. It can also decrease high blood pressure and slow down aging process. Chopped leaves of vine spinach are used to soothe skin after insect bites, while cooked root is used in treatment of diarrhea.

  5. Some Chinese are now unable to write some characters by hand but can type it out on a computer. Among Chinese speakers, anecdotal evidence suggests that the use of computers for word processing is mounting a slow but steady assault on their ability to write characters by hand

  6. There are two types of fast twitch fibers in muscles. West Africans are the best sprinters with a higher number of fast twitch fibers (and both types), East Africans have a higher number of slow twitch fibers therefore are better at distance, Europeans have similar number of fast and slow

  7. Slow-pitch softball is the most commonly played and in this type of softball the ball must arch in the air when it is pitched. There is no stealing or bunting allowed.

  8. There are two types of softball = slow-pitch and fast-pitch.

  9. Heartwood of African Blackwood is known as granadilla. It is one of the hardest and densest types of wood in the world. This heartwood is very expensive because of the small size of African Blackwood tree and its slow growth.

  10. The Slow Loris, a type of primate, secretes a toxic substance from its elbows that it licks causing a chemical reaction with its saliva and allows them to deliver a venomous bite.

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In 1873 QWERTY keyboard was designed to increase efficiency by slowing down typists and prevent the typewriters from jamming so often when two adjacent keys near simultaneously. The design incorporated tricks to slow down typing speed by dispersing common letters on the left side

Rather than being invented to slow typists down, the QWERTY keyboard was created to separate keys commonly used together in an effort to avoid typewriter jams, effectively speeding typing up. - source

Highland cattle: A breed of cow unique to Scottland "with long, flowing hair and majestic, sweeping horns". This type of beef is highly sought because it is slow-aged, making it lean but well-marbled with low cholesterol levels. - source

The keyboard is not arranged in alphabetical order now because people typed so fast with manual typewriters until the mechanical arms got tangled up. So the keys were randomly positioned to slow down typing and prevent key jams. - source

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QWERTY keyboards were designed such that keys were randomly positioned to actually slow down typing and prevent key jams.

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Keyboards were originally alphabetical, but people would type too quickly and jam the keys. The inventor of the keyboard Christopher Latham Scholes introduced QWERTY to slow people down.

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