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The QWERTY keyboard layout is very inefficient when compared to alternatives. It was originally created to "slow down" typists in order to decrease the chances of jamming the typewriter. However, the layout still endures today as we use it almost exclusively.

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Early QWERTY layout had 0 and 1 omitted to simplify the design and reduce the manufacturing and maintenance costs. They were chosen specifically because they were redundant and could be recreated using the uppercase letter I and uppercase O.

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  1. The Qwerty layout was designed to separate heavily used keys in order to avoid jams. Designers have created more efficient keyboards (after a short learning period) based on most common letters. But no one is ready to make that kind of switch.

  2. The QWERTY keyboard layout comes from accommodating Morse code operators, not avoiding mechanical jams, and that the DVORAK variant's superiority is probably a myth.

  3. An early design of the QWERTY keyboard layout placed the letter 'R' where the period is located today

  4. The QWERTY keyboard layout was developed to prevent mechanical typewriters from jamming. The solution was to place commonly used letter-pairs (like "th" or "st") so that their typebars were not neighboring, avoiding jams.

  5. The standard QWERTY keyboard layout was designed in the 1870's, primarily to prevent keys jamming on typewriters; increasing typing speed.

  6. Christopher Sholes purposely developed the QWERTY layout to be difficult to type so as to avoid jamming manual typewriters

  7. QWERTY layout was created so that when the keys were assembled, there were all the letters in the first row that a salesman could impress customers by rapidly pecking out the brand name: "TYPE WRITER."

  8. The QWERTY layout of your keyboard may seem random — but it isn't

  9. The QWERTY layout was introduced to reduce typewriter jams and is not the most optimal layout for modern computers

  10. The QWERTY keyboard layout was developed with telegram operators in mind and with their input, Remminton bought the rights and became one of the largest manufacturers of typewriters

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