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Not all torpedoes are designed to pierce hulls then explode, some detonate below the target ship without making contact. This creates a gas bubble that causes the ship to be thrust out of the water then dropped back into the resulting void, often breaking the vessel in half and sinking it.

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Winston Churchill, along with many of the Royal Navy's highest ranking men, came very close to death after the ship they were on was fired at by a U-boat with 3 torpedoes. All three struck the hull of the ship, but all failed to explode.

What was the name of the british passenger ship that was torpedoed by germany?

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  1. The Titanic had a much more successful sister ship called the "Olympic". It was the only merchant ship to sink an enemy warship during World War I, after it turned around and rammed a submarine that had tried to torpedo it. The sub sank after it was gashed open by one of the Olympic's propellers

  2. Torpedoes in WW2 didn't target the physical ship; rather was detonated underneath it resulting in a shockwave snapping the ship in half

  3. 15 year-old World War One Royal Navy officer Wenman Wykeham-Musgrave, having survived being torpedoed on three different ships within one hour, all of which sunk, swimming to each after abandonment of the last. Musgrave went on to survive the war and live a full life until 1989.

  4. A WWI submarine U-28 sunk after it was struck by an automobile which flew off a cargo ship it had just torpedoed

  5. A Russian named Vasili Arkhipov avoided causing WWIII after refusing his captain's orders to launch nuclear torpedoes at US war ships during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2 of the 3 officers on board wanted to fire the missile, however a unanimous decision was required.

  6. A British soldier whose ship was sunk by a U-boat survived for 70 days at sea. After being rescued, he was sent back to England from the Bahamas on a cargo ship. It was hit by 2 torpedoes from a U-Boat as they were approaching the UK. There were no survivors.

  7. Doris Miller was a cook who saved lives and gunned down Japanese warplanes while serving on a ship during WW2. He had no previous training with an anti-aircraft gun and was awarded the Navy Cross and Purple Heart. Despite his heroism, he was assigned as a cook on Liscome Bay and died by torpedo.

  8. The record for passengers on a ship was set in WW2 by the Queen Mary: 16,082. The ocean liner was so fast it often sailed without escort and could outrun both submarines and torpedoes

  9. Former Chicago Blackhawks goalie Sam LoPresti once killed a dolphin with basically a shiv, to feed 28 of his shipmates who were stranded on a lifeboat for 42 days, after a German torpedo took out their ship. They cooked the meat in a bucket full of kerosene soaked rags. Hockey players, man...

  10. World War One ships were painted with flashy "Razzle Dazzle" designs to make it more difficult to hit them with torpedoes.

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The Confederate States of America created explosives disguised as pieces of coal. Saboteurs mixed the "coal torpedoes" with regular coal and when workers shoveled them into the steam engines they detonated, damaging or destroying the ship.

There is an area around the Outer Banks of North Carolina nicknamed "Torpedo Alley" where over 400 ships were sunk and 5,000 people killed due to German U-Boat attacks during WWII - source

The US Navy submarine credited with sinking the most ships ended up sinking by being struck by its own torpedo. - source

Kantora Shimoda, the only one of the 2,004 passengers and crew on Japanese WWII ship Awa Maru that survived when it got torpedoed, and it was the third time in which he was the sole survivor of a torpedoed ship.

The origin of the phrase "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" was a civil war naval battle in which Union ships were ordered to sail through a mine field at full speed. Torpedo meant naval mine in the 19th century. - source

When titanic ship sank?

In 1915 Elbert and Alice Hubbard boarded the RMS Lusitania, leaving New York. 11 miles from the coast of Ireland the ship was hit by a German u-boat's torpedo and sunk. Elbert and Alice refused to be separated into lifeboats and remained together on the sinking ship. They both died.

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During the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese torpedo ran under the wooden hulled USS Oglala and struck the USS Helena. Despite not being hit, she was severely damaged by the nearby explosion and sank. At the time, wags in Navy said that she was the only ship to ever die of fright.

About Augustus Agar, a Royal Navy officer with a wild 37 year career: he sunk a Soviet cruiser using a torpedo fired from a small boat, was knighted for spying, captained the Royal Yacht, smuggled £2 million in gold to Canada, and was pulled so deep by a sinking ship that he got the bends.

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck champagne. In 1998, two thousand bottles were salvaged from a ship, originally destined Imperial Court of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, which had been torpedoed by German sub during World War I. Only 200 bottles remain and are valued around $275,000 each.

The Caparthia, the ship that rescued the survivors of the Titanic's sinking, was sunk by German torpedoes during WW1 when it was part of a convoy going to Boston.

The USS William D. Porter nearly killed FDR on his way to meet Churchill and Stalin after accidentally firing a torpedo at his ship

When was the last us navy ship sunk?

There was a man named Harry Truman (no relation to the former President) who survived his ship being torpedoed in WWI, was married 3 times, and died with his 16 cats at age 83 in the volcanic explosion of Mount St. Helens in 1980. He refused all orders to leave the grumbling mountain.

The American aircraft carrier Yorktown was involved in most of the fighting and was heavily damaged. It was tied to another ship and evacuated to be salvaged when it was hit with a Japanese torpedo and sunk.

During WWII a US submarine accidentally torpedoed itself. While attacking a large Japanese convoy, the USS Tang fired it's last torpedo at a transport ship, but the torpedo went wild, circled back, and hit the Tang near the aft torpedo room, sinking her.

Poon Lim, the second steward of a torpedoed British Merchant ship, survived 133 days on a wooden raft that drifted in the South Atlantic. At one point, he survived by clubbing a shark to death with a jug half-filled with seawater.

In WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy used Kaiten submarines, which were the torpedo equivalent to kamikaze pilots. Kaiten subs were manned torpedoes that would engage in suicide attacks on enemy ships.

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Toilets have sunk more ships than torpedoes.

In 1942 a US passenger ship was torpedoed near the mouth of the Mississippi River by a German U Boat. Many of the passengers onboard were US soldiers who were survivors of previously torpedoed ships.

Many torpedoes are not meant to detonate on impact but instead detonate underneath the targeted ship creating a gas bubble. Once the gas bubble pops it creates a void which sucks in the ship causing damage to the keel, possibly even breaking the ship in two.

About German submarine U-132. It torpedoed an Allied munitions ship, but the resulting explosion was was so powerful that it sank both ships.

The Fenian Ram. One of the first torpedo equipped submarines, the IRB commissioned it to harass British shipping. When they found they couldn't afford it, they stole it from its inventor, only to find nobody but him could pilot it and he was, understandably, unwilling to train them.

Over 10,000 german refugees died (including 5000 children) on the ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff in the year 1945 in WW2. They were evacuating Germany as the Red Army approached, but were sunk by three torpedoes from a Soviet submarine.

While the USS William D. Porter was escorting a ship carrying Franklin D. Roosevelt to Tehran, it not only dropped a live depth charge into the water by mistake, but also accidentally fired a live torpedo at the President of the United States.

About the underwater Kamikaze of WW2. The Kaiten were basically torpedoes that contained human beings and targeted US Navy ships.

The warships called "destroyers" today were originally "torpedo boat destroyers", since their sole purpose was protecting powerful but vulnerable capital ships from torpedoes

Kit Musgrave was sunk on three ships within one hour during WWI. German U-boat U9, sank all three ships with torpedo fire. Kit was eventually rescued by a Dutch trawler after falling unconscious on a piece of driftwood.

Seaman Joseph Scott who survived having 5 ships torpedoed out from under him - four by U-Boats in WWI and one by a Japanese sub in WWII

Wykeham Musgrave, who was torpedoed 3 times on 3 different ships on the same day; and survived

The biggest maritime disaster is believed to be the sinking of MV Wilhelm Gustloff in 1945. An estimated 9,400 out of 10,500 of the passengers perished after the ship was hit by three Soviet torpedoes, six times more than the famous Titanic disaster.

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