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English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, causing loss of the ship's structural integrity.

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The desk in the Oval Office is called the Resolute Desk, named after the ship it was built out of in 1880. The HMS Resolute was found empty and adrift in packice, then salvaged by the US and gifted back to the UK, which helped narrowly avoid a war. FDR would add the front to hide his polio.

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  1. The HMS Black Joke, which was previously a Brazilian slave ship called the Henriquetta. It was captured by the Royal Navy and repurposed to chase down slave ships, ultimately freeing hundreds of slaves during her five-year career.

  2. After the HMS Sheffield was hit by and Argentine Exocet missile during the Falklands War, her crew sang "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python's Life of Brian as they awaited rescue and watched their ship burn uncontrollably.

  3. In WWI, the Germans converted liner SMS Cap Trafalgar into an armed merchant cruiser, which they then disguised as the British liner HMS Carmania. Off the coast of Brazil, Trafalgar was attacked and sunk by a British ship. That ship was also an armed merchant cruiser; the real HMS Carmania.

  4. An island was christened a war ship by the British Navy during a French blockade. The HMS Diamond Rock was fortified with cannons and spent 17 months hammering any passing French ships, and to this day anyone in the British Navy is required to salute the rock when they pass it.

  5. The HMS Queen had a pet tortoise (Timothy) on board as a mascot during the Crimean War. Timothy would lead a prolific naval career living on other British ships. She died in 2004 aged aprox 160 years, making her the last living veteran of the Crimean War.

  6. The name of the Royal Navy ship HMS Petard means "HMS Fart". A petard is a small bomb that derives its name from middle French for “to break wind.” Pun-loving Shakespeare probably knew this when he wrote “hoist with his own petard” - or to be blasted with his own fart

  7. The oldest naval ship still in commission is HMS Victory. She was launched in 1765.

  8. Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. "[...] no ships visited from 1909 until 1919, when HMS Yarmouth finally stopped to inform the islanders of the outcome of World War I"

  9. The first naval confrontation of WW1 was in North Africa on lake Nyasa. The captain of HMS Gwendolen took the German ship by surprise and captured it as the German captain had no idea the war had even started, the captains were also quite good friends and drinking buddies.

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HMS Victory has got the largest crew of any ship in any navy in the world, because all royal navy personal not assigned to a ship or a base are assigned to her even though they may never step foot on her.

Britain has had no less than 4 ships named HMS Cockchafer - source

During WWII, a French general was to be picked up by an Allied ship. He was bitter at the British and refused to deal with them. As there were no American ships nearby, they appeased the general by briefly renaming the HMS Seraph the USS Seraph and the British crew spoke with American accents. - source

The British fleet was led by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. He commanded the gun ship HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar. Around one pm. Nelson was shot by a marksman onboard the French gunship Redoubtable from a distance of about fifty feet. He was brought below deck and died about three and a half hours later.

When HMS Birkenhead wrecked in 1852 there were not enough lifeboats for all the passengers, and the soldiers (who were being transported) famously stood firm on deck (even as the ship broke up) allowing the women and children to board the boats safely and escape the sinking. - source

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The Amethyst Incident, also known as the Yangtze Incident, in 1949 involved the British Royal Navy ship HMS Amethyst being trapped on the Yangtze River for three months, during the Chinese Civil War.

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Aboard the British Battleship HMS Vanguard, an Engineer would travel 7 miles and climb 3,000 feet of stairs daily during his turn of inspection and that the ship's bakery produced 1,000 lbs of bread daily.

In 1534 the Portuguese built one of the most powerfull ships in history and the most powerfull of its time. The São João Baptista featured 366 bronze cannons and had 1000 tons displacement. The HMS victory built 200 years later carried 104 cannons and has 3500tons displacement

New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula was named after the HMS Coromandel, a ship of the British Royal Navy. The ship derived its name from one of India's southern coasts - the Coromadel coast. The coast in turn derived its name from the Dutch pronunciation of the coastal town of 'Karimanal'.

HMS Victory (launched in 1765) is not only still in commission with the Royal Navy but has a large crew - navy personnel not currently assigned to any ship are assigned instead to the Victory

The stern of the HMS Royal Charles (three-decker ship built in 1655) is on display at the Rijksmuseum.

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Not only has the British Royal Navy named a ship the HMS Cockchafer, but that they have used the name at least 4 times. Also, that a cockchafer is a type of insect.

About Judy, a ship's dog on the HMS Grasshopper during WW2. In 1941, the ship sunk after being hit by Japanese bombs, and Judy lived. A sailor found her pinned under lockers. The crew were captured by Japanese, and they became POWs, with Judy among them. She survived the war.

After one of the bloodiest mutunites in history, a British frigate was delivered to the Spainish. Viewing it a matter of honor, Captain Hamilton of the HMS Surprise took 100 men into a heavily fortified harbor and retook the ship, killing or capturing 350 Spanish without losing any of his own.

Charles Darwin was almost rejected as a passenger on the HMS Beagle because the captain of the ship disliked the shape of his nose

The Royal Navy had a ship named HMS Gay Viking

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The Lutine Bell - the ship's bell recovered from the wreckage of HMS Lutine. It tolls when a member of the Royal Family dies, for Armistice Day and for other ceremonial purposes

While the HMS Coventry, a British ship that was destroyed by Argentinien aircraft, was sinking, the crew sang Monty Python's "Alway Look on the Bright Side of Life.

About "Unsinkable Sam", a ship cat that supposedly survived the sinking of the Bismarck, HMS Cossack, and HMS Ark Royal

HMS Warspite has the most battle honours ever awarded to an individual ship in the Royal Navy and the most awarded for actions during the Second World War.

There is an island in the Caribbean, HMS Diamond Rock, which was considered a commissioned ship of the Royal Navy. The 'vessel' played an important role during the Napoleonic wars.

There is a HMS Enterprise on active service with Royal Navy and the ship's nickname is Starship; the ship's badge is a lion under a silver star.

The Australian carrier HMS Melbourne is the only ship to sink two friendly vessels

HMS Wellesley holds the honor of being the only British 19th century sailing ship of the line to be sunk by an enemy aircraft.

The Liberty department store, in Great Marlborough Street in the West End of London, was constructed from the timbers of two ships: HMS Impregnable (formerly HMS Howe) and HMS Hindustan

The Admiral Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, during the battle of Trafalgar (1805) is the world's oldest Naval ship still in commission. (236 years of service)

Britain has had more ships named HMS America than the United States has had ships named USS America

Sailors from the sunken Essex (the inspiration for Moby Dick) made it to Henderson Island but quickly depleted its resources. If they had found Pitcairn Island (107 miles away) they would have been helped by a small population of the descendants from another ship - mutineers from the HMS Bounty.

The HMS St Lawrence. The only British ship of the line to be launched and operated solely in freshwater. It was such a deterrent to American warships that it never saw action, and it was even bigger than Admiral Nelson's HMS Victory.

Challenger Deep, part of the Mariana Trench, and the deepest sea in the world is named after the Royal Navy ship, HMS Challenger that discovered it in the Pacific, in 1875. The crew of the exploration ship also discovered an amazing 4000 new marine species during its 4 year journey.

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