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The oldest naval ship still in commission is HMS Victory. She was launched in 1765.

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HMS victory - first launched in 1765 - is the oldest warship still in commission, currently serving as the flagship of the First Sea Lord.

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  1. HMS Victory has got the largest crew of any ship in any navy in the world, because all royal navy personal not assigned to a ship or a base are assigned to her even though they may never step foot on her.

  2. The British fleet was led by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. He commanded the gun ship HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar. Around one pm. Nelson was shot by a marksman onboard the French gunship Redoubtable from a distance of about fifty feet. He was brought below deck and died about three and a half hours later.

  3. In 1534 the Portuguese built one of the most powerfull ships in history and the most powerfull of its time. The São João Baptista featured 366 bronze cannons and had 1000 tons displacement. The HMS victory built 200 years later carried 104 cannons and has 3500tons displacement

  4. HMS Victory (launched in 1765) is not only still in commission with the Royal Navy but has a large crew - navy personnel not currently assigned to any ship are assigned instead to the Victory

  5. Moments before Admiral Nelson died, he asked Captain Thomas Hardy, the commander of HMS Victory, to kiss him, which he did on the cheek, then a second time on his forehead. Nelson's last response was "God bless you Hardy."

  6. The Admiral Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, during the battle of Trafalgar (1805) is the world's oldest Naval ship still in commission. (236 years of service)

  7. HMS Victory, launched in 1765, is still in commission with the Royal Navy today, and is the flagship of the RN's First Sea Lord

  8. The HMS St Lawrence. The only British ship of the line to be launched and operated solely in freshwater. It was such a deterrent to American warships that it never saw action, and it was even bigger than Admiral Nelson's HMS Victory.

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HMS Victory (launched in 1765) is Still the flagship of the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy

HMS Victory (Lord Nelson's Flagship during The Battle of Trafalgar) is still considered an active ship of the Royal Navy. - source

The Royal Navy only has 77 commissioned vessels, including HMS Victory and dockside training ships, yet has 340 officers at the rank of Captain (OF-5) and above. - source

The Kommuna, launched in 1913, is the oldest military vessel that is still in active service (excluding honorary ships like the USS Constitution or HMS Victory).

HMS Victory is the world's oldest commissioned warship - source

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The HMS Victory, launched in 1765, is still technically in service. At 250 years old, it is the oldest active warship in the world.

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