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The crew of 'Return of the Jedi' mocked the character design of Admiral Ackbar, deeming it too ugly. Director Richard Marquand refused to alter it, saying, "I think it's good to tell kids that good people aren't necessarily good looking people and that bad people aren't necessarily ugly people."

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Han Solo was supposed to die in Return of the Jedi. George Lucas was afraid that would affect toy sales, so he changed it to an ewok party.

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  1. That, according to George Lucas, the entire Star Wars saga is told by R2D2, some hundred years after Return of the Jedi.

  2. Bob Anderson who trained Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) in sword fighting also wore the Darth Vader suit during the lightsaber duels in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

  3. 20th Century Fox made so much off of Return of the Jedi that they were looking for a tax write-off, so they paid for the entirety of a film with little faith behind it: Revenge of the Nerds.

  4. The word "Ewok" was never used throughout the entire filming of "Return of the Jedi". It only appears in the credits.

  5. David Prowse hasn't yet received his residual checks for Return of The Jedi because according to Hollywood Accounting, the film hasn't turned a profit

  6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was co-written by Lawrence Kasdan, the same man who wrote The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

  7. To keep the paparazzi away during the filming of Return of the Jedi, George Lucas claimed that he was filming a horror movie called "Blue Harvest"

  8. Nien Nunb, a minor character in "Return of the Jedi," caused Kenyan audiences to burst into laughter after they realized he spoke Kikuyu, the language of Kenya's majority tribe.

  9. While filming Return of the Jedi in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, crew members in bright-coloured vests stood near Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) so he wouldn't get shot by someone mistaken him for Bigfoot

  10. Admiral Ackbar from "Return of the Jedi" was not a man in a suit, but a giant puppet.

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In Return of the Jedi, the Ewoks spoke in high-speed Tibetan.

Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in Empire Strikes Back because Harrison Ford was not yet signed on for Return of the Jedi and the producers were unsure if he would come back. - source

Ian McDiarmid (The Emperor) was only 38 years old when Return of the Jedi was released (Harrison Ford is older then him) - source

The music played by the cantina band in Return of the Jedi was called "Jizz," and the players were called "Jizz Wailers." One of the instruments is called a "Jizz Box."

During filming of Return of The Jedi, Carrie Fisher would get concerned for the 11 y/o. actor who played Wicket. She fed him milk and cookies in between takes to make sure he wasn't getting overheated. - source

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When filming Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fischer would get quite concerned for Warrick Davis, who was only 11 years old at the time, being in that hot Ewok suit, so she would have chocolate milk and cookies ready for him whenever they took a brake

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A young Ian McDiarmid portrayed and old Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, and an old Ian McDiarmid portrayed a young Palpatine in the prequels.

The lead singer of Toto, Joseph Williams, was the writer of the original English lyrics for the song performed by Jabba the Hutt's palace band in the original 1983 release of "Return of the Jedi," which was scored and conducted by his father John Williams.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was filmed under the title Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination so it avoided all the publicity and that's also where the Family Guy special got its name from.

In The Phantom Menace, Yoda has three toes. But in The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith, he has four

Ian McDiarmid was only 38 years old when he played the Emperor in Return of the Jedi

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While filming Return of the Jedi, Harrison Ford advocated killing off his character, Han Solo, finding him boring. George Lucas denied his request, saying "dead Han toys" wouldn't sell.

Jeffrey Dahmer was inspired by the Emperor in Return of the Jedi. He wanted to build a "temple" out of his victims' skulls where he could sit and absorb a "spiritural force or power"

When filming Return of the Jedi in California's redwood forests, Peter Mayhew, when dressed as Chewbacca, had to be escorted by crew members in bright colored vests so local hunters wouldn't think he was bigfoot and shoot him.

George Lucas argued with Gary Kurtz, the Producer of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, saying that "we could have made just as much money if the film hadn't been quite so good, and you hadn't spent so much time.", leading Kurtz to avoid involvement in Return of the Jedi and the Prequel Trilogy.

Carrie Fisher described wearing the bikini in Return Of The Jedi as "It was like steel, not steel, but hard plastic, and if you stood behind me you could see straight to Florida. You'll have to ask Boba Fett about that."

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The reason Han Solo was frozen in The Empire Strikes back was because, unlike his co-stars, Harrison Ford had only signed on for 1 sequel after Star Wars became a success, and George Lucas was unsure if Ford would be available to make Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Episode 3 'Revenge of the Sith' currently has a higher rating than 'Return of the Jedi' on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic

Lawrence Kasdan, the writer for Return of the Jedi, favored having Luke kill Darth Vader and ruling in his place.

George Lucas considered an alternative ending to Return of the Jedi. Luke turns to the dark side. He puts on Vader's mask and claims "Now I am Vader. Now I will go and kill the [Rebel] fleet and I will rule the universe"

"Howard The Duck", one of the most critically panned comic book adaptations of all time, cost more to make than "Return of The Jedi"

Technically Return of the Jedi never made a profit

Not only does every Toy Story film reference the original Star Wars trilogy, but they correspond chronologically. Toy Story references A New Hope, Toy Story 2 references The Empire Strikes Back, and Toy Story 3 references Return of the Jedi.

David Cronenberg was offered the opportunity to direct the film Return of the Jedi. He declined the chance.

There were four female fighter pilots originally filmed to appear in "Return of the Jedi". All but one were cut from the final film, and in the shots of the remaining female pilot, played by British actress Poppy Hands, her lines were dubbed over by an American man.

Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was not played by an actor, but was in fact a puppet.

Alan Dean Foster (ghostwriter of the original Star Wars) was stunned when Return of the Jedi revealed the characters of Luke and Leia as brother and sister; in Splinter (a sequel he wrote two years before Ep. V), the characters exhibit quite a bit of romantic and sexual energy.

Han Solo was original supposed to die in Return of the Jedi and the Rebels were supposed to be in tatters, but it was changed so Lucas could sell more toys

David Lynch was offered the job to direct Return of the Jedi (1983) but turned it down to instead direct Dune (1984)

One of the early endings for Return of the Jedi was Luke donning Darth Vader's mask and planning to eliminate the rebellion, then rule the galaxy.

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