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A boy dying of an incurable illness wanted to meet Luke Skywalker (in character). His mental state devolved to the point where he did not realise Luke was fictional. Mark Hamill agreed to dress up in character and meet the boy. He spent hours answering questions.

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Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) auditioned for the role of Han Solo and after he got back from the audition, he pushed his friend Mark Hamill, who was sleeping on Englund's couch at the time, to audition for Luke Skywalker.

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  1. Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the Force Awakens was the same age as Alec Guinness was playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars

  2. Mark Hamill was so uncomfortable with the portrayal of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi that he had to pretend he was playing a different character

  3. Mark Hamill voiced his criticism on director/writer Rian Johnson’s treatment of Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, saying, “I fundamentally disagree with virtually everything you’ve decided about my character”. He later apologized for “voicing my doubts & insecurities in public”.

  4. Robert Englund, famous for playing Freddy Krueger in "A Nightmare on Elm Street," was auditioning for "Apocalypse Now" when he noticed auditions for "Star Wars" across the hall. He thought his friend Mark Hamill was perfect for the role of Luke Skywalker, and he suggested Hamill audition for it.

  5. Mark Hamill played Mozart in the play Amadeus. When a movie adaptation of the play was being developed Mark Hamill wanted to audition to play Mozart again. Director Miloš Forman refused to let Hamill even audition for the part because he didn’t think Luke Skywalker should be playing the Mozart.

  6. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) was considered to play Han Solo in 'Star Wars' and told his close friend who was sleeping on his couch, Mark Hamill, to go audition for the role of Luke Skywalker.

  7. Mark Hamill created his own backstory for Luke Skywalker that involves Luke marrying and his young child accidentally killing himself with his lightsaber.

  8. According to Mark Hamill, the only thing his grandfather didn’t like about Star Wars was the fact Luke Skywalker didn’t get to “marry the princess in the end”. To which Hamill joked ‘hang around for the sequel, who knows!’

  9. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, justified his actions saying: "... when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star, the movie audiences cheered. The bad guys were beaten. That was all that really mattered."

  10. In 1979 you could call a 1-800 number and listen to messages from Star Wars' characters Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C3PO and Darth Vader.

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Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) plays Skips from Regular Show

Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) tried and failed to land the role of Luke Skywalker ... so he told his friend Mark Hamill to take a shot at it - source

Star Wars was originally called "The Adventures of Luke Skywalker As Taken From The Journal Of The Whills Saga # I: The Star Wars". - source

Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) auditioned for Han Solo and told Mark Hamill to try out for Luke Skywalker

James Earl Jones' (the voice of Darth Vader) reaction immediately upon receiving the lines that revealed Vader's lineage to Luke Skywalker was "He's lying!" - source

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The Empire found Luke’s hand that Vader cut off and cloned Luke from it. His evil clone was named Luuke Skywalker.

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The stone huts seen on the island on which Luke Skywalker resided in The Last Jedi were once part of a 6th century monastery.

Following the release of The Empire Strikes Back, official speculation included that Anakin Skywalker was in disguise as Boba Fett, Luke would use The Force to get Leia to have sex with him, and the JEDI stood for "Jesus Eugenics Development Institute"

Mark Hamill only read for the role of Luke Skywalker after a recommendation from his close friend Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger)

In 1981, Star Wars: A New Hope was dramatized and turned into a 5-hour-long radio broadcast, with Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels reprising their roles as Luke Skywalker and C3PO, essentially creating an extended version of the film.

In 1985, Weird Al predicted that Luke Skywalker would be coming back in the new series - In his song Yoda.. "But I know that I'll be coming back some day I'll be playing this part 'till I'm old and gray The long-term contract I had to sign Says I'll be making these movies till the end of time"

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Luke Skywalker's name was originally going to be Luke Starkiller.

Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine is named after a real location: the Tataouine Governorate in Tunisia which is where George Lucas filmed some of the planet's scenes.

In 2007 Luke Skywalker's light sabre from ROTJ was sent on the ISS

Luke Skywalker's Brazilian voice actor is called Jorge Lucas

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Mark Hamill cited his disappointment in the US government's constant state of war as inspiration for Luke Skywalker's hermit personality, as an event in life that can destroy even the most hopeful person's optimism.

John Stears, the Academy Award-winning special effects expert who created Bond's Aston Martin DB5, Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder, the Jedi Knights' lightsabers, and R2-D2 and C-3PO, also raised cattle and bred Borzoi show dogs on an estate in England he eventually sold to Ozzy Osbourne.

The homestead of Luke Skywalker featured in the movie "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" was built in Tunisia during filming of the movie and was restored in 2012 by a group of fans funded by donations.

Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund was roommates with a young Mark Hamill. After reading for the part of Han Solo, Englund convinced Hamill to try out for the part of Luke Skywalker

The Irish Island Skellig Michael which was used to portray the first Jedi Temple in the Force Awakens was actually once home to an ancient isolated order of Celtic Irish Monks who lived a secluded lifestyle on the harsh Island similar to how Luke Skywalker was living on the Island

Luke Skywalker's Brazilian voice actor is named Jorge Lucas

Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine owes its name to the city of Tataouine in Tunisia, where lots of scenes for the original Star Wars were shot

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) joked that when he became a naturalized citizen of the US in 2005, he did not get a medal at the ceremony either - a reference to the Star Wars scene in which Luke Skywalker and Han Solo get medals but Chewbacca does not.

Biggs and Wedge, recurring characters of the Final Fantasy series, are named after Luke Skywalker's wingmen in Star Wars

In 2007, Luke Skywalkers light sabre was aboard the space shuttle Discovery on a mission to the ISS. The movie prop was delivered to NASA officials by Chewbacca.

The berber house in Tunisia that served as Luke Skywalker's home on Tattooine is now a hotel with 20 rooms and a restaurant throughout the five sandstone caverns

There is actually a theory called Bigger Luke where people believe Luke Skywalker is two different sizes in the movies. (Credit r/Jorymo)

Luke Skywalker owed a dog, and both cats and dogs are canonical in the Star Wars universe

Early notes from George Lucas show that Yoda was originally named Buffy. The notes also show that Luke was to become "the human Buffy" and that Buffy would say to Luke: "Skywalker. Skywalker. And why do you come to walk my sky, with the sword of a Jedi knight? ... I remember another Skywalker."

Star Wars fictional world, Tatooine, is actually named after a real place in Tunsia called 'Tataouine'. George Lucas filmed on location there for scenes based on the desert home world where Luke Skywalker was raised. Many of its structures can be visited and seen today

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