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Yoda, the world's oldest mouse, was just over 4 years old, the equivalent of about 136 in human years, and lived in quiet seclusion with his cage mate, Princess Leia, in a pathogen-free rest home for geriatric mice.

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In "Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back", Han Solo's "I know" reply when Princess Leia professed her love to him was improvised by Harrison Ford on the spot, as he felt that the original line ("I love you too") doesn't effectively suit Han's characterization.

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  1. Princess Leia's iconic metal bikini was inspired by Fisher's complaints that the loose-fitting outfits she wore in Star Wars concealed her feminine physique.

  2. Princess Leia's iconic double-bun hairstyle was inspired by 'soldaderas' - Mexican revolutionary rebel fighters from the turn of the 20th century

  3. According to Carrie Fisher, the golden bikini in Princess Leia's slave costume was hard plastic that didn't move with her body, so the other actors got an eyeful. She quipped "if you stood behind me you could see straight to Florida. You'll have to ask Boba Fett about that."

  4. A man blinded in the Russian Civil War went on to create an Olympic target pistol so radically different that it was banned from competition after 1956 ... also Princess Leia used it in Star Wars

  5. Chewbacca did not accept the Galactic Republic Medal of Bravery because Wookies see no value in such rewards. However, he was later presented with one in private by Princess Leia.

  6. In 1979 you could call a 1-800 number and listen to messages from Star Wars' characters Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C3PO and Darth Vader.

  7. Some believe that Princess Leia's hair design was inspired by a honey bun or cinnamon bun.

  8. Terri Nunn, from the band Berlin, almost got the part of Princess Leia (she was called back 3 times) and appeared in Penthouse even though she was only 16 at the time.

  9. Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) was briefly engaged to Dan Aykroyd before leaving him for Paul Simon.

  10. Billie Lourd's character on Scream Queens always wears earmuffs as an ode to her mother Carrie Fisher's iconic Princess Leia buns.

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Princess Leia's outfit in the original Star Wars was designed to resemble the robes of the Virgin Mary...

Terri Nunn, lead singer of 80s New Wave band Berlin, auditioned for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars in 1976, at the age of 15. - source

There was a Story in the Star Wars Legends Where A 3 eyed man pretended to be the emperor, before getting killed by a Princess Leia robot he attempted to marry - source

Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher did cocaine on set of The Empire Strikes Back

In a Star Wars comic, Princess Leia and Darth Vader get into a fight about starship finances. - source

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The imperial lieutenant who escorts Princess Leia through cloud city after Han is frozen and she yells "Luke its a trap" is the same actor who plays Boba Fett.

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2187, Finn's serial number in the new Star Wars movie, is the same number as Princess Leia's cell block in A New Hope.

During production of Star Wars in the late 1970s, actress Carrie Fisher was pressured to lose weight in order to portray Princess Leia, bringing her down to a very dangerous 95 pounds

Princess Leia's hairstyle was based on women fighters in the Mexican revolution

Terri Nunn, the lead singer of Berlin, auditioned for the role of Princess Leia

Princess Leia's iconic hairstyle was inspired by Mexican revolutionaries, Native American young women, and post WWI braids styled to look like telegraph earphones.

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Carrie Fisher was told she had to lose 10 pounds to attain the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars

Carrie Fisher auditioned for the role of Carrie and Princess Leia in the same week.

Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia, is the voice behind Peter Griffin's creepy boss Angela.

In the scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke and Han talk to Jabba, Princess Leia doesn't have a line. In the rehearsal, as they were taken away, Carrie Fisher ad libbed "Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Seriously!", but the line was cut.

Jodie Foster was initially going to be cast as Princess Leia in Star Wars, but couldn't because of contractual obligations with... Disney (skip to 1:04:00 for this bit)

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Carrie Fisher was "asked" to lose 35 lbs to play Princess Leia again

Not just Princess Leia, but 6 total actors have died in 2016 that been in Star Wars movies

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