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John Boyega would try and lighten the mood on the set of Star Wars when things were feeling too serious. “I give Adam (Driver) hugs randomly, just for no reason,” he said. “He just stands there and waits for me to be done.”

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John Boyega and his sister Grace were the last two people to see their friend Damilola Taylor, 10, alive before he was murdered by two schoolboys with a broken bottle. He donated £1.35m to the Damilola Taylor Trust from the charitable initiative Star Wars: Force for Change.

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  1. John Boyega was good friends with, and the last person to see Damilola Taylor before he was murdered.

  2. Disney gave in to racism in China by shrinking black actor John Boyega in last year’s Chinese version of its Star Wars Episode 7 poster.

  3. John Boyega's first role after The Force Awakens was as a time-travelling, crime-fighting slow loris.

  4. Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley's first movie appearance was only in 2013, and John Boyega's in 2011.

  5. Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker) was paid "in the low seven digits" for his single, non-speaking scene in The Force Awakens, whereas John Boyega (Finn) and Daisy Ridley (Rey) only earned between one to three hundred thousand dollars.

  6. Disney removed John Boyega from Chinese promotional posters for ‘Star Wars’ so as not to offend local audiences.

  7. John Boyega, who made his feature debut in 2011's Attack the Block, was confronted by people behind various fran­chises, including Paramount's Terminator reboot. His deal to be in The Force Awakens only began to firm up in April, 2014 when he dropped out of a biopic of sprinter Jesse Owens.

  8. John Boyega (Star Wars) was the last person to see his 10 year old Nigerian friend alive before he was killed while walking home from Peckham Library in London.

  9. An 8 year old John Boyega requested to escort his friend, Damilola Taylor, to his house. His friend declined and was stabbed to death during his walk.

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Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were only paid $300k to star in The Force Awakens - 76 times less than Harrison Ford.

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