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Danny Trejo was addicted to Heroin by age 12 and served time in San Quentin prison until he was 25. He's now been over 70 films and has a brand of restaurants, bars, and donuts shops valued around $100 million. All his businesses hire what he calls "second chancers" like he was.

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Italian courts ruled that restaurants have to tell customers if they serve frozen food or it’s considered fraud.

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  1. There are only nine restaurants in the United States that are certified by the Kobe Beef Association in Japan to carry real Kobe Beef. Every other restaurant with the word "Kobe" in their menu is misleading their customers and serving a knock-off product.

  2. A guy made a fictional restaurant the #1 restaurant in London using trip advisor and fake reviews. He served microwaved food and customers said it was the most exquisite food they ever tasted.

  3. Zarif Khan, an Afghan man who came to Sheridan, WY in 1909 and began peddling tamales. By 1915, he acquired the nickname Hot Tamale Louie and opened a restaurant, Louie's. In addition to his food, Khan was also famous for serving any customer, regardless of race, profession, or social class.

  4. Rupert Trimmingham, a black US Army soldier serving in WW2 who wrote a letter to the Army magazine about having to eat behind a train depot restaurant while German POWs were served inside in 1944, sparking support from other soldiers and contributing to the integration of the army in 1948.

  5. There is an American restaurant chain, "Der Wienerschnitzel", that contains three German language errors in its name. The gender is incorrect, the restaurant serves hot dogs (not Wiener schnitzel), and a missing space implies that residents of Vienna have been used as an ingredient.

  6. There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh, the Conflict Kitchen, that only serves cuisines from countries that the US is in conflict with. When they started serving Palestinian food, they received death threats.

  7. There is a sausage restaurant in Regensburg, Germany which has been in business for over 900 years. That means they were selling sausages well before the Inca Empire existed and are still serving 6,000 sausages a day.

  8. A restaurant called “The Heart Attack Grill,” with a hospital theme and scantily clad nurse waitresses serving the “Quadruple Bypass Burger” loaded with 9,982 calories. A customer died of a heart attack while eating a there, resulting in customers taking photos of him assuming it was a stunt.

  9. A fake restaurant, 'The Shed at Dulwich', became the highest rated restaurant in London on tripadvisor, received several offers from various companies and was only open for one night to a few guests. They served microvawed food.

  10. "2009 tuna samples from sushi restaurants in New York City" showed that 5/9 restaurants were serving Escolar, a fish banned in Japan for its toxicity since 1977.

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About the Automat, a fast food-like restaurant with no wait staff. Patrons would put coins into a machine in order to unlock a box with food. At it’s peak in the early 20th century, an Automat chain was one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, serving 800,000 people daily.

When foie gras was banned in California, some restaurants started giving it away for free while charging $20 for the cracker on which it was served - source

Servers' wages, in top restaurants, have increased by over 300% because of tipping, while the culinary team's wages have only increased by about 20%. Meaning the people serving your food are making a lot more than those who went to school in order to make it. - source

All restaurants in Wisconsin were required by law to serve cheese and butter with every meal from 1935 to 1937.

There are still two McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. that serve Pizza. One is in Pomeroy, Ohio, and the other is in Spencer, West Virginia. - source

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Research indicates black americans really do tip waiters less than whites americans, but likely as part of a cycle: waiters resist serving African Americans, or they provide poorer service, which discourages blacks from patronizing table-service restaurants.

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Many sushi restaurants that serve "white tuna" are actually serving a different fish called escolar. Escolar consumption can lead to uncontrollable diarrhea due to the fish's toxicity, and is therefore banned in several Asian countries.

Someone who is under the age of 21 in Wisconsin (and some other states) can legally be served alcohol at a bar and/or restaurant if they are in the company of a parent, guardian, or spouse who is over the age of 21.

Food Not Bombs, a group located in various countries that uses surplus food from grocery stores and restaurants and turns it into hot meals that they serve to anybody who is hungry.

There is a restaurant in Pittsburgh called the Conflict Kitchen that only serves foods from countries that the USA is currently in conflict with.

Ancient Romans had something similar to fast food restaurants, called thermopolia. These restaurants were open to the street and served everything from sausage to alcohol, but were often scorned by higher class Romans.

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The iconic 1930s Hollywood Restaurant, The Brown Derby, served a salad after midnight using their leftover ingredients. When it became the most popular item on the menu they named it after the owner, Robert Cobb.

Hawaiian pizza is actually a Canadian invention, it was invented by Sam Panopoulos, who first served pineapple on pizza at Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario.

Vermont requires by law that all restaurants serving apple pie must serve it with cold milk, cheddar cheese or vanilla ice cream.

Nowadays, it’s rare to be served really hot mustard in restaurants, and mustard in jars and packets is rarely very spicy. The sinus-burning condiment once served at Chinese restaurants was just brown mustard seeds ground to a powder and mixed with a little water just before serving

McDonalds started selling Pizza in the 1980's. They discontinued it from almost all restaurants because it took more than 10 minutes. Now only two U.S. locations serve it.

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A man built a restaurant in Northern Iraq called MaDonal's after McDonald's turned denied his request. The restaurant serves items such as "Big Macks," and serves free food to U.S. forces, and thus has been threatened by suicide bombers, turning the man into a local celebrity.

On no less than three separate occasions children have been served alcohol instead of apple juice at Applebees restaurants.

IHOP is a restaurant chain in the United States that offers customers free pancakes on Pancake Day in an effort to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. In 2011 IHOP served 4 million free pancakes on Pancake Day and raised $2.5 million for charities.

Newfoundland is the only Canadian Province that allows the serving of hunted wild game in restaurants.

There is only 1 non-KFC restaurant that serves an authorized version of the original KFC recipe

It's illegal for a restaurant to serve margarine as a butter substitute in Wisconsin

There is a restaurant started by a man with down syndrome that serves breakfast, lunch and hugs.

After a wave of Vietnamese immigrants moved into Houston, TX they developed a fusion of local and Vietnamese cuisines called Viet-Cajun. It blends bits of both cuisines the signature dish being Viet-Cajun crawfish which draws crowds and sees long lines at the restaurants that serve it.

A man created a fake restaurant that became the #1 restaurant in London. On opening night he served microwaved food. Eventually, he got sick of being interviewed about it. So he sent people that looked like him to the interviews, and told them what to say.

In the state of Utah restaurants that serve alcohol must open bottles and prepare cocktails away from the view of customers as to protect children from watching, and beverages over 3.2% ethanol are treated as liquor.

Ancient civilizations including Pompeii had restaurants that served hot and cold food as poorer people did not have kitchens in their home.

There is a restaurant in Japan where guests are served by monkeys

In Utah, some bars and restaurants are legally required to put up "Zion Curtains" around the area where alcohol is served in an attempt to decrease excessive drinking

Burger King is one of the restaurants that serves U.S. troops overseas in foreign countries like Iraq. Because of bombings at some locations the restaurants have been outfitted with shatterproof glass, ceiling tiles that can absorb shrapnel, and containers outside that are capable of providing extra protection.

Waffle House has branded vans and RVs that dispatch after a natural disaster, providing what damaged restaurants need to remain open: generators, extra manpower, IT support, and, a food safety team to make sure its food is actually safe to eat once the restaurant is serving again.

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