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"The Mad Piper" Bill Millin, the only bagpiper to land on the beach in Normandy. While men fell around him, he played his pipes throughout the battle. A group of captured German snipers was asked why they hadn't shot him. They replied that they thought he'd gone insane and felt bad for him.

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During the Normandy Allied Invasion Bill Millin, a Scottish Piper, played his bagpipes as he walked the beach while the carnage erupted around him. He later asked captured German prisoners why they hadn't shot at him. They said they thought he was on a suicide mission and was clearly mad.

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  1. Bill Millin, a soldier in WWII, walked onto Normandy Beach on D-Day without a gun and began playing the bagpipes. When ordered to do so beforehand, he had pointed out that it was against British regulations, and his commander told him "You and I are both Scottish, and that doesn’t apply".

  2. Antarctic explorers would lure penguins to their ship to be eaten by playing musical instruments. When a bagpipe was played, the penguins fled in terror.

  3. Lieutenant "Mad" Jack Churchill was the only soldier of WWII to kill a man with a longbow, and the first to go into battle with one in hundreds of years. He did this while also armed with a broadsword and bagpipes, which he played while killing enemies.

  4. There is a guy who calls himself “The Unipiper” that unicycles around downtown Portland, OR wearing a Darth Vader outfit and playing the bagpipe

  5. After continually insulting Mexicans, Rowdy Roddy Piper promised to make amends to the community by playing the Mexican anthem on his bagpipes. Instead, he played "La Cucaracha".

  6. For fifteen minutes every morning, at 9am, the Queen of England is awoken by bagpipes played by the Piper to the Sovereign. The position was established by Queen Victoria in 1843 and has been held continuously since then.

  7. Before becoming famous in Scotland the bagpipes had been played for possibly thousands of years in Turkey, Asia, Africa, the Persian Gulf and some places in Europe.

  8. Scotland the Brave is said to be the most commonly played song on the bagpipes.

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Nero, the ancient emperor of Rome, is believed to have played the bagpipes while Ancient Rome burned.

The United States Air Force has a Pipe Band that was formed in 1950 from bagpipe players of Irish and Scottish ancestry exclusively. The Band played at President Kennedy's funeral. - source

The chanter is the melody pipe which can be played by the piper, while the drone or drones provide a constant note.

A Scottish Canadian soldier at the Battle of the Somme was awarded the Victoria Cross for boosting morale on the front line by walking along the barbed wire and playing the bagpipes

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Emperor Nero may have played the bagpipes

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'Mad' Jack Churchill, a claymore-wielding British lieutenant colonel in World War 2 who played the bagpipes in times of extreme danger and scored the last recorded longbow kill in history.

Monks and nuns used to draw doodles in the margins of famous manuscripts when they got bored while writing them. Not only were they often very weird, but also. My personal favorite is the cat playing the bagpipes in the Book of Hours c. 1460.

The playing of the Bagpipe was banned in Scotland after the uprising of 1745.

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During the "Cod Wars" between Iceland and the UK, demonstrations against the British embassy in Reykjavik were met with taunts by the British ambassador as he played bagpipe music and military marches on full blast on his gramophone.

The Hurdy-Gurdy, a 10th century stringed instrument, exists. The sound is produced by a hand-cranked wheel rubbing against the strings, providing a droning sound that sounds like a mix of the bagpipe and a violin. These days, they can typically be found playing at folk festivals in Europe.

During the First Cod War - a dispute between UK and Iceland over fishing rights - the British ambassador to Iceland taunted Icelandic protesters by playing bagpipe music and military marches at full blast on his gramophone.

The Mad Piper” Bill Millin, the only bagpiper to land on the beach in Normandy. While men fell around him, he played his pipes throughout the battle. A group of captured German snipers was asked why they hadn’t shot him. They replied that they thought he’d gone insane and felt bad for him.

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When a Scottish expedition’s boat became lodged in the ice during an Antarctic voyage, Gilbert Kerr cheered up his crew members dressing up in a kilt, tying an emperor penguin to a pot and playing his bagpipes for it. The penguin “showed no appreciation or distaste, just sleepy indifference.”

There was a soldier in WWII with a longbow and a sword; he also played bagpipes during battles

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