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Major Digby Tatham-Warter, a British major who brought an umbrella into battle, using it to stop an armoured vehicle by poking the driver's eye and saving a chaplain. When a fellow soldier complained about it, he answered "oh my goodness, but what if it rains?"

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A hero of the Harlem Hellfighters routed 36 Germans single-handedly, while rescuing a fellow soldier and suffering 22 wounds at Argonne Forest...then died 10 years later, as a destitute alcoholic, after being denied disability and a purple heart.

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  1. Judy, the hero dog of WWII. She saved her fellow soldiers on multiple occasions. Was captured by the Japanese and spent years in the pow camps. She survived multiple ships sinking and was eventually freed and given the Sicken Medal in England.

  2. During the battle of Arnhem, Major Digby Tatham-Warter brought an umbrella and put it to good use, stopping an armoured car by poking the driver in the eyes with his umbrella. When a fellow soldier told him "that thing won't do you any good", he replied "Oh my goodness Pat, but what if it rains?

  3. From a dictionary why the ancient Greek civilization of Sparta had no walls:"'the Spartan king Agesilaus simply pointed to his fellow citizens, armed to the teeth, the most formidable soldiers in Greece: 'Here are the walls of the Spartans.'"

  4. The word "decimation" stems from the a punishment meted out to units of the Roman army who were guilty of capital offences, whereby one man in ten was executed by nine fellow soldiers after they had all drawn lots. Thus, the army would literally be reduced by a tenth in size.

  5. During WW1 to save his fellow soldiers from being killed by enemy fire, Irish soldier Michael O'Leary charged two German barricades alone killing 8 German soldiers. It was reported that he charged the second barricade to kill a German he took a dislike to. He was awarded the Victoria Cross

  6. An Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War named Hugh Thompson prevented hundreds of civilians at My Lai from being murdered by confronting fellow soldiers and ferrying civilians to safety by helicopter.

  7. About Roy Benavidez, the real life Rambo and Medal of Honor recipient, Who jumped out of a chopper with only a knife against thousands of North Vietnamese soldiers, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers while making sure no intel fell into enemy hands.

  8. About Corporal Desmond Doss, a combat medic in WWII who saved the lives of 75 men at Hacksaw Ridge, Okinawa. Despite never carrying a gun, Doss disobeyed orders to rescue his fellow soldiers one by one through the night. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery and determination.

  9. Private Channing Moss, who was hit by a live grenade that lodged in his side but did not explode; his fellow soldiers risked their own lives and violated military procedure by choosing to help him, and he eventually recovered

  10. Rape is the leading cause of PTSD in female veterans. With the majority of rapes being perpetrated by fellow soldiers.

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In WWI careless German soldiers attempting to heat coffee with flamethrower fuel created a firestorm that killed 679 fellow soldiers

Black Americans preferred staying with British Soldiers during WWII due to the abuse their fellow Americans hurled at them. Americans even tried to implement segregation in the UK. - source

In 1992, a 25 year old army captain unintentionally overthrew Sierra Leone's president while trying to protest a shortage of boots and wages for his fellow soldiers, becoming the world's youngest head of state and ruling for 4 subsequent years. - source

Nadezhda Durova, a female soldier who disguised as a man, joined the Russian cavalry and saved the lives of two fellow soldiers and was promoted by Alexander the First to lieutenant.

In WW2 a brown bear named Wojtek was adopted by the 22nd artillery co of the Polish army. He was enlisted as a soldier and was eventually promoted to the rank of Corporal. Wojtek enjoyed drinking beer, eating cigarettes, wrestling with fellow soldiers and was taught to salute when greeted. - source

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On his birth Tiger Woods was named Eldrick Tont Woods. His father gave him the nickname Tiger as a honor to a fellow soldier whom he met during the Vietnam war.

Back in October 1995 a us army sniper attempted a large scale shooting spree by opening fire upon a large gathering of more then 1,300 fellow soldiers, killing one and wounding 20 others. He was taken down by a unarmed unit of special forces soldiers who were participating in the run.

Charles Domery, a soldier of normal build, was so hungry that he surrendered to the French for food, ate 174 cats in 1yr & often 4-5lbs of grass a day, and after a fellow sailor’s leg was severed, he began to eat it. Even the prison gave him 10x the rations, but he still ate rats, cats & candles

A US Marine jumped on a grenade to save his friend and fellow soldier. He survived after over two years in the hospital For this act he received the Medal of Honor and he is now a student at the University of South Carolina

Desmond T. Doss, a medic in the Pacific Theatre during WW2 endured bullying and ridicule from fellow soldiers during training. Volunteered to help fellow troops climb a cliff and earned a Medal of Honour for rescuing ~75 troops, braving heavy artillery and gun fire. He did all this unarmed.

About Sergeant Stubby, a dog who took part in WW2, saving and warning his fellow soldiers of imminent gas and artillery attacks. He could also tell the difference between the German and English language - attacking German Soldiers and finally ended up becoming the Georgetown Hoyas mascot.

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During the Vietnam War defense secretary Robert McNamara launched "Project 100,000"; a recruitment effort that allowed mentally and physically incompetent troops into combat positions. "McNamara's Morons" had a KIA rate 3 times as high as their qualified fellow soldiers.

Adam Driver was a US Marine that enlisted after 9/11 but was medically discharged before deploying to the Middle East, he instead worked with fellow actors to help portray the turmoil and issues fellow soldiers experience through theatre to soldiers with his theater troupe. Here is his TED talk

In Ancient Greece, sneezes were believed to be prophetic signs from the gods. One time, a general gave a speech to his fellow soldiers to fight against the Persians. A soldier sneezed at the end of the speech. Thinking that the sneeze was a favorable sign from the gods, the soldiers were exited.

About Sgt. Gander, a dog who saved his fellow Canadian soldiers by picking up a grenade and racing back towards the enemy. When the Battle of Hong Kong memorial was created, his fellow soldiers demanded he be included on it.

Sidney Godley received the Victoria Cross after being shot in the head defending his post, so that his fellow soldiers could retreat. He received it years later from the king after being liberated from a POW camp

The original ski jump world record was 9.5m, held by Olaf Rye, a soldier who set up a show spectated by his fellow soldiers in 1808

During WWII, nurse Ruby Bradley was imprisoned in Manila, where she would smuggle food and supplies to help her fellow captives. She also assisted 230 surgeries and 13 deliveries. In Korea she refused to leave until all of her wounded were out, despite being surrounded by 100k Chinese soldiers.

Sgt. Craig Harrison, defending his fellow soldiers, took two 'impossible' shots and killed two Taliban that had ambushed a group ahead from over a mile and a half away (2,475 meters), saving their lives and scoring the longest distance confirmed kill in the world

A Woman in the Army is more likely to get attacked/raped by a fellow soldier then killed in Action.

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