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Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan installed an 11 meter (36 ft) tall marble statue of a middle finger directly in front of the Milan Stock exchange as a clear message to Italy's CEOs and Bankers

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There are still World's fairs and the current one for 2015 is in Milan, Italy.

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  1. Italy has a giant middle finger sculpture placed in front of the stock exchange in Milan

  2. Major cities in Italy include Naples, Rome, Turin, Palermo, and Milan.

  3. We still have world's fairs, the next one is in 2015 in Milan, Italy.

  4. Popular tourist destinations in Italy include Venice (a city with waterways instead of streets), Milan, Rome, Lake Como, and the island of Sardinia.

  5. The Seveso disaster in which a chemical leak in a town near Milan, Italy poisoned many people and animals. The zone was fenced off for 20 years before being opened as a park, with some of the remaining contaminated waste entombed under a hill.

  6. In Milan, Italy, it's a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits.

  7. Sicilian feline, Vituzzo (aka Vito), the first cat in Italy to get prosthetic legs. After his hind legs were crushed by a car in Milan and had to be amputated, he got permanent leg implants spring-loaded with joints. (This comes on the heels of British cat Oscar, the first ever bionic cat).

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milan italy fact data chart about I tried to do a GIF with population change over the years in
I tried to do a GIF with population change over the years in Milan (Italy), with attention to ratio between Italian and foreign born. Sorry if the image is in Italian, but it was a

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