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The city of Hamburg in Germany has a total of 2,496 bridges, which is the most of any city in Europe and many more than cities like Venice, Amsterdam and Saint Petersburg. This has led to Hamburg being referred to as "the Venice of the North".

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The Central Baltic Sea is connected to Saint Petersburg via the Gulf of Finland.

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  1. The Russian Empire was one of the first countries to create a driving licence. Russia's first licences were issued in 1900 by Saint Petersburg authorities.

  2. In 1867, Russia developed a musketball which would explode on impact, even against soft targets such as people. Realising the detriment these could cause, they began to negotiate a ban on explosive small arms rounds, leading to the Saint Petersburg Declaration 1868, still in place today.

  3. European Russia has about 77% of Russia's population living in cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but covers less than 25% of Russia's territory. The eastern portion, that’s mostly Siberia, is part of Asia and makes up more than 75% of the territory with only 22% of Russia's population

  4. Some of the major cities along the Central Baltic Sea include Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Riga, Helsinki, and Gdansk, among several others.

  5. In 1885 he graduated from Saint Petersburg State University.

  6. Bobby Farrell, the only male member of 70s group Boney M, who scored a huge hit in the 70s with the Song Rasputin, died on the 30th December in Saint Petersburg, coincidentally dying on the same day and in the same city Rasputin had also died

  7. The biggest coastal cities of the Baltic Sea include Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Riga, Helsinki, Gdansk, Tallinn, Kaliningrad, Szczecin, Gdynia, Kiel, and Espool.

  8. From the 1400s to the 1700s the White Sea was Russia's major trade route. Its use decreased when Saint Petersburg was established in 1703. Saint Petersburg made travel easier because it offered an ice-free route to Western Europe.

  9. Bobby Farrell, of Boney M fame died on the 30th December, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The same date and place in which Rasputin, the subject of Boney M's hit single, died.

  10. The building code in Saint Petersburg did not allow structures taller than the Winter Palace, residence of the emperor. An architect worked around the 23.5m limit with a building crowned with a glass tower topped with a globe structure

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The Rubinstein brothers were the both pianists, composers, conductors, and each one founded a conservatory; Saint Petersburg Conservatory by Anton (1862) and the one in Moscow by Nicolai (1866). Both institutions remain active.

The city I live in, Saint Petersburg, FL, became the first of 20 cities to move to 100% renewable energy, joining the Ready for 100 campaign. - source

Saint-Petersburg underground has free wi-fi - source

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