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The town of Dull in Scotland has been twinned with the town of Boring, Oregon since 2012. In 2013 the town of Bland, Australia joined them in what has become known as the 'Trinity of Tedium'.

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The town of Boring, Oregon's sister city is Dull, Scotland. "Dull has helped put Boring on our map," says OR state representative, Bill Kennemer. "People are starting to hear about Boring and they come and stop." The town is now developing a relationship with the Australian town of Bland.

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  1. Boring Oregon is the sister city to Dull Scotland and Bland Australia.

  2. A Woman in Oregon started a wildfire to give some work to her bored firefighter friends. Eventually, the fire, named as the Sunnyside Turnoff wildfire, spread to about 80 square miles — 51,000 acres — costing nearly $8 million to fight and took two months to bring under complete control.

  3. Boring, Oregon decided, on the suggestion of a Scottish cyclist who was passing through in 2012 on holiday, to pair with Dull, Scotland as a sister city in an effort to promote tourism in both places as a play on their names.

  4. Boring in Oregon twinned with Dull in Scotland, then added Bland in Australia to become the Trinity of Tedium

  5. An Oregon woman started a 50,000 acre wildfire who later told authorities that her "firefighter friends were bored and needed work."

  6. Dull, Boring and Bland. The community of Boring in Oregon is marketing itself as "The most exciting place to live". It's sister communities are the Scottish Dull and Australian Bland.

  7. Dull, Scotland is a sister city to Boring, Oregon

  8. Bland (New South Wales, Australia), Dull (Perth and Kinross, Scotland) and Boring (Oregon, USA) comprise the League of Extraordinary Communities

  9. There's a town called Boring in Oregon, and it's twinned with a Scottish town called Dull.

  10. The League of Extraordinary Communities, which consists of Dull (in Scotland), Boring (in Oregon, USA), and Bland (in Australia).

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There is a town in far northwestern part of Oregon called Boring... It's motto is "The most exciting place to live!"

There's a "League of Extraordinary Communities" consisting of "Boring", Oregon in the USA, "Dull" in Scotland, and "Bland", NSW in Australia.

The TV show "Gravity Falls" was named after the city, Boring, Oregon. - source

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The sister city of Boring, Oregon is Dull, Scotland

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A town in Oregon named “Boring” is paired with a town in Scotland named “Dull” only because of their unique names. Proof of this can be found on the welcome signs to the towns.

There's a city called Boring (Oregon), which is paired with the city of Dull (Scotland).

The small city of Boring, Oregon is twinned with Dull, Ireland, and Bland, Australia

The town of Dull, Scotland is twinned with the towns of Boring, Oregon and Bland, Australia

The sister towns of Boring, Oregon (USA) and Dull, Perthshire (Scotland) partnered up with the town of Bland, NSW (Australia) to form a sort of Trinity of Tedium, or an Axis of Banality.

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Dull", Scotland and "Boring", Oregon are twin towns

The town of Dull, Scotland is paired with Boring, Oregon as a sister city.

In order to boost tourism, the cities of Dull, Scotland, Boring, Oregon, and Bland, Australia formed a partnership to become sister cities

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