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That, as she was fleeing indigenous North Americans, Leif Erikson's half-sister drew a dead man's sword, slashed one of her exposed breasts, and frightened her pursuers away

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Leif Erikson, a Viking, and the first known European explorer of North America, called the large landmass south of Newfoundland as 'Irland it Mikla' or 'Greater Ireland'.

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  1. Leif Erikson Day is an actual day, it is observed October 9th. It honors Leif Erikson the Norse explorer who led the first Europeans thought to have set foot in continental North America.

  2. Leif Erikson Day is considered to be an observance day as opposed to a federal holiday.

  3. Leif Erikson Day is celebrated with a presidential proclamation in the United States.

  4. Because Leif Erikson was on a voyage to spread Christianity when he discovered North America, some people choose to renew their religious faith on Leif Erikson Day.

  5. President Calvin Coolidge credited Leif Erikson with the discovery of America while at the Norse-American Centennial in 1925. Christopher Columbus had been credited with the discovery of America but scholars" research recognized Leif Erikson as the first to set foot on North American soil.

  6. Some people celebrate Leif Erikson Day with ceremonies and activities that promote Nordic-American heritage and the contribution of the Nordics to America's history.

  7. In 1964 Leif Erikson Day was officially adopted by Congress.

  8. Leif Erikson's father; Erik Thorvaldsson was banished from Iceland to Greenland for killings, as was his father Thorvald Asvaldsson banished from Norway to Iceland for 'killings'.

  9. Leif Erikson Day became a state holiday in Wisconsin in 1930, Minnesota in 1931, and by 1956 it was a state holiday in 5 more states including South Dakota, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, and California. It was also recognized in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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The Viking site in northern Newfoundland called L"Anse-aux-Meadows, found in 1963 is believed to be the oldest settlement in North America by Europeans. To date there have been more than 2000 Viking artifacts recovered on the site.

Some celebrate Leif Erikson Day by enjoying Norwegian food such as seafood, rice pudding, or Norwegian cheese.

There is an episode on the cartoon 'spongebob Squarepants" that honors Leif Erikson as the discoverer of North America.

October 9th was chosen as the day to celebrate Leif Erikson Day because it is the day that the ship the "Restauration" arrived from Norway in the United States in 1825. This marked the start of Scandinavian settlement in the United States. October 9th has nothing to do with Leif Erikson personally.

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During the viking exploration of coastal North America, Leif Erikson's pregnant half-sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir was reported to have taken up a sword, and, bare-breasted, scared away the attacking proto-inuit natives.

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It is believed that Vinland is located in Nova Scotia, but Viking ruins were found in 1963 in northern Newfoundland, leading some to believe that this was the site of Vinland, instead of Nova Scotia.

Vinland was the name given to the areas of coastal North America (now part of Canada) by Norse Viking Leif Erikson, about 5 centuries prior to Christopher Columbus.

Some people celebrate Leif Erikson Day by embarking on a new adventure such as surfing, mountain climbing, or by buying lottery tickets in honor of "Leif the Lucky".

Leif Erikson was the first known European to have set foot in North America, before Christopher Columbus.

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Some people still believe that Christopher Columbus discovered North America but scholars have found evidence to prove that Leif Erikson was the first.

Today is Leif Erikson Day. It honors americans od Nordic Decent

Christopher Columbus was not the first European to reach America, not by a long mile. In fact the Vikings did 400 years earlier, Leif Erikson and his kinsmen landed upon the North America's eastern coast many time! His brother made first contact with the Native Americans, where he died!

Leif Erikson Day is a thing; it's celebrated on October 9th every year. This year, it falls on the same day as Columbus Day.

A Viking named Bjarni was the first European to "discover" America, before Leif Erikson or Columbus.

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Leif Erikson Day is a real holiday, and has been since 1964.

Icelanders predated Columbus' arrival to North America by nearly 500 years. New finds in Canada are revealing more sites where Leif Erikson may have settled.

Leif Erikson day is an actual day, October 9. Honoring the first Europeans to have set foot in North America and recognizing the contributions of Americans of Nordic descent.

Icelanders predated Columbus' arrival to North America by nearly 500 years. New finds in Canada are revealing more sites where Leif Erikson may have settled.

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