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Jackie Kennedy wore her blood-splattered pink Chanel suit for the rest of the day after JFK's assassination. When asked to change her outfit, she replied "I want them to see what they have done to Jack."

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After President Kennedy was shot Jackie Kennedy wore her blood-soaked, pink dress to both the hospital and the swearing in of President Johnson. The unlaundered suit was donated to the National Archives and Records Administration and will not be placed on public display until 2103.

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  1. John F. Kennedy told the Secret Service to keep Jackie away from shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. She married him after Kennedy's assassination.

  2. Jackie Kennedy was a polyglot, mastered French and speaking also some German and Italia as well as Spanish fluently. She taped radio ads in French, Italian and Spanish, urging the listeners to vote for her husband

  3. Due to an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket which Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated can not be displayed in public until the year 2103.

  4. Jackie Kennedy's blood stained pink suit is locked away in the Archives until the year 2103

  5. Jackie Kennedy's Pink Chanel suit won't be publicly displayed until at least 2103 and is kept in a secret location in which "The temperature hovers between 65 and 68 °F (18 and 20 °C) degrees; the humidity is 40 percent; the air is changed six times an hour."

  6. JFK was on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a mistress as Jackie Kennedy gave birth to a stillborn child in 1956

  7. John's brother Robert was assassinated in 1968. John's son John Jr. died in a plane crash at the age of 38 along with his wife. Jackie Kennedy died in 1994.

  8. Jackie Kennedy invited pipers from the Black Watch to play at JFK's funeral because the last time she seen her husband happy with the children, was when the Black Watch were performing at the White House

  9. John and Jackie had four children. Caroline and John F. Kennedy were the only two to survive childhood. Patrick died when he was 5.5 weeks old and Arabella was stillborn.

  10. Jackie Kennedy once invited William Faulkner to dinner when she was the First Lady of the United States. His excuse was that it was 100 miles away just to go eat.

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Jackie Kennedy lost her newborn son 3 months prior to JFK's assassination.

Due to an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated cannot be displayed in public until 2103. - source

Jackie Kennedy once wrote an essay to Vogue for a competition, where the winner would win an editor position for six months in New York and six months in Paris. Out of more than 1,200 entries her essay won, but she quit on her first day. - source

Truman developed friendships with several well-known people including Jacki Kennedy and Gloria Guinness.

Jackie Kennedy's pink outfit from the JFK assassination will not be displayed until 2103 - source

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Jackie Kennedy witnessed Lyndon B. Johnson's emergency swearing in while still wearing the same outfit she had on when JFK was assassinated. She refused to change because she wanted 'them to see what they have done'

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Jackie Kennedy's blood-stained pink suit she wore when JFK was assassinated will not be placed on public display until 2103

In the famous picture showing Jackie Kennedy climbing out of the car during President Kennedy's assassination, she is trying to gather "some of the material that came off the president’s head and was on the back of the car", and not get out.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy “was unimpressed by the palace furnishings and by the Queen’s dress and hairstyle” following a meeting in 1961. Jackie, working as the “Inquiring Camera Girl” for the Washington-Times Herald, covered Elizabeth’s coronation almost a decade earlier

Jackie Kennedy's blood-stained pink Chanel suit, stained with the blood of John F. Kennedy, was donated, unlaundered, to the National Archives and Records Administration and won't be displayed until 2103

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Jackie Kennedy sent a naked, signed poster of herself to Andy Warhol.

Jackie Kennedy Had 2 Children, 2 Stillborns and a Miscarriage Within 7 Years

Jackie Kennedy Onassis was once engaged to a wealthy stockbroker name John Husted, but reportedly told her friends that he was "immature and boring" and his work was too tame. She broke off their engagement in 1952 and was married to John F. Kennedy in 1953.

Jackie Kennedy married a Greek billionaire named Aristotle 5 years after JFK was assassinated, and the story first broke when a greek journalist snuck onto the billionaire's yacht disguised as a bouzouki (greek mandolin) player.

Marge Simpson is the daughter of Jacqueline Bouvier, a widow. This was also the maiden name of Jackie Kennedy (wife of JFK).

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In 1962, Jackie Kennedy received a horse named Sardar from the president of Pakistan.

After JFK assassination Jackie Kennedy was still wearing the blood covered pink dress during the emergency swearing in of Johnson. She wanted the people to see "What they had done".

The famous yacht "Christina O" once owned by Aristotle Onassis (ex husband of Jackie Kennedy) has a bar with stools made from the foreskins of whales

Among JFK's affairs, he took the virginity of a 19-year-old intern in Jackie Kennedy's bed

US President John F Kennedy once requested a hooker that looked like his wife, Jackie Onassis, "but hot"

Celebrity paparazzo Ron Galella dated Jackie Kennedy’s maid in order to get closer to photograph her. When Jackie found out, the maid was fired.

The JFK Eternal Flame was requested by Jackie Kennedy only one day before his funeral. The original torch was a propane-fueled backyard tiki torch, with its base and tubing covered by a pile of evergreen leaves.

Jackie Kennedy was engaged to another John - John G. W. Husted Jr, two years before her engagement to John F. Kennedy

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