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Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles sang the studio recording of “Eternal Flame” completely naked due to the producer pranking her by telling her Olivia Newton John had done the same thing. He later told Hoffs he had been lying the whole time.

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A music producer successfully pranked Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles to record the song Eternal Flame naked after convincing her that Olivia Newton-John recorded all her songs naked.

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  1. Two weeks after JFK's Eternal Flame was lit, it was extinguished accidentally by a group of Catholic schoolkids trying to sprinkle holy water.

  2. The eternal flame at Bullhead City, Arizona, only lasted until city officials received a US$961 gas bill. It has been relighted after complaints by veterans groups

  3. Jacqueline Kennedy requested an eternal flame for her husband's grave and that group of Catholic schoolchildren were sprinkling the temporary flame with holy water. The cap came off the bottle and water poured onto the flame, putting it out.

  4. The Eternal Flame Falls, in Chestnut Ridge, NY. A naturally occurring gas seep feeds a flame in the heart of the waterfall

  5. It costs $200 a month to maintain JFK's eternal flame.

  6. A man had a heart attack in front of JFK's eternal flame and fell in, causing him to burn to death

  7. There are dozens of natural eternal flames from methane vents in Yanartaş, Turkey that were used for navigation in ancient times. These days it's used for brewing tea.

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The JFK Eternal Flame was requested by Jackie Kennedy only one day before his funeral. The original torch was a propane-fueled backyard tiki torch, with its base and tubing covered by a pile of evergreen leaves.

There's a natural eternal flame behind a waterfall. - source

About Eternal Flame Falls, a waterfall in New York. A grotto at the bottom of the falls produces natural gas and creates a flame that burns year-round. - source

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