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After the failure of the 1986 film "Howard the Duck", George Lucas sold some of his assets to recoup the budget, including a computer-animated company to Steve Jobs. That company would go on to become Pixar.

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1986s Howard the Duck box office failure lead the films producer (George Lucas) to be so badly in debt that he had to sell he just-launched computer-animation division to his friend, Steve Jobs of Apple.That same year, Jobs renamed the company to Pixar.

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  1. Marvel's first movie, Howard The Duck, bombed at the box office. It cost an estimated $37 million, and grossed under $38 million internationally, netting under $1 million.

  2. Howard the Duck was such a massive failure that producer George Lucas was forced to sell the CGI department of LucasFilms to Steve Jobs, which became Pixar Animation Studios.

  3. "Howard The Duck", one of the most critically panned comic book adaptations of all time, cost more to make than "Return of The Jedi"

  4. Howard the Duck was Marvel's first movie and it was produced by George Lucas. It tanked so terribly that then-president of Universal Frank Price resigned after it flopped. Lucas, in debt due to the movie, sold the CGI branch of LucasFilm to Steve Jobs — it would eventually become Pixar.

  5. Go motion is a from of stop motion which incorporates smearing petroleum jelly on a camera lens to create motion blur. It has been used in The Empire Strikes Back, and Howard the Duck.

  6. The 1976 US Presidential Election received thousands of write ins for Howard the Duck, one of Marvel’s offbeat characters, due to a fictional presidential run in the comics around the same time

  7. A recently divorced and cash poor George Lucas sold off his animation studio after Howard the Duck's failure at the box office. Steve Jobs bought it and renamed it Pixar.

  8. Howard the Duck we see in Marvel isn't the real Howard the Duck but actually a clone, Steve Girber the creator managed a Image Comics and Marvel Cross over where it concluded with the original Howard The Duck going to The Image Universe leaving a clone in The Marvel Universe.

  9. The first theatrical film by Marvel was Howard the Duck

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The Howard the Duck creator pulled a "switcharoo" on Marvel Comics, using Spider-Man, the Savage Dragon and Destroyer Duck in an elaborate cross-over story that ends with Marvel being stuck with a Howard the Duck "clone."

The failure of Howard the Duck eventually lead to the creation of Pixar Studios - source

The 1968 movie 'Howard The Duck' played a part in LucasFilms selling the Graphix Group. This computer animation team was picked up by Steve Jobs and turned into Pixar. - source

Marvel's Howard the Duck was drawn having sex, but the publisher censored it

Howard the Duck was in Avengers Endgame. - source

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About how the creator of Howard the Duck, in order to "steal" back the rights from Marvel Comics, hatched an elaborate scheme involving Spider-Man, the Savage Dragon and Destroyer Duck that ended with Marvel being stuck with a Howard the Duck clone.

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Pixar exists because of the 1986 movie Howard the Duck

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