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In 2009, a 14-year-old boy showed up at a Chicago police station in uniform and worked 5 hours of a shift. He allegedly got a police radio, ticket book and rode with an officer for several hours before his identity was realised. He knew procedure due to a "police explorer" program he’d gone to.

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During the Great Depression, W.K. Kellogg structured his cereal plant to work four six-hour shifts instead of three eight-hour shifts, providing employment for more people.

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  1. In Japan, death by overwork is so common that they have a word for it, "Karoshi". Some examples of karoshi are: working 110 hours a week, working 3000 hours a year with no days off in 15 years, working 4320 hours a year, and working 34 hour shifts five times a month.

  2. SOS messages have been found stitched in Primark clothing, allegedly from employees complaining of "sweatshop conditions" and being "worked like oxen" over 15 hour shifts.

  3. There is a factory in Japan which can run unsupervised for 30 days at a time. Robots build other robots at the rate of 50 per 24-hour shift. Such factories are called "lights out" factories because no human presence is needed. FANUC has been operating this autonomous factory since 2001.

  4. Bill Murray took a taxi in Toronto. When he found out the driver played saxophone he asked him when he practiced. The driver said he couldn't because he worked 14 hours a day. Bill took over the drivers seat and drove the rest of his shift so he could sit in the back and practice.

  5. The Chinese government forced prisoners to farm World of Warcraft gold. "There were 300 prisoners forced to play games. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5,000-6,000rmb [£470-570] a day. We didn't see any of the money. The computers were never turned off."

  6. Steve Buscemi volunteered at his old firehouse the day after the 9/11 attacks, working twelve-hour shifts for a week, and digging through rubble looking for missing firefighters

  7. Because the Western European medieval monastic day began at 6 am, the word “noon” originally referred to “3 pm” and is derived from the Latin “nona hora” (“ninth hour”). During the 12th-14th centuries, its meaning in English shifted to “midday” and the time gradually moved back to 12 pm.

  8. The real reason that Coal Mining Jobs will never bounce back - this machine excavates 8.5 million cubic feet per day, using a crew of only 5 men per 8-hour shift.

  9. During the Great Depression of 1929, W.K. Kellogg, owner of Kellogg's directed his cereal plant to work four shifts, each lasting six hours. This gave more people in Battle Creek, Michigan the opportunity to work during that time.

  10. People used to sleep in two shifts: going to bed at nightfall, and then waking up in the middle of the night for about an hour to write by candlelight, have sex, visit with neighbors and rob people

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hour shifts fact data chart about Temperature distribution shift for the Netherlands 1951-1970
Temperature distribution shift for the Netherlands 1951-1970 vs 2000-2019 (hourly measurements)

hour shifts fact data chart about My 4 hour shift delivering food on a bicycle in Berlin (57km
My 4 hour shift delivering food on a bicycle in Berlin (57km)

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The long shot in ‘Kill Bill: Volume 1’ required crew members to shift sections of the set walls during the shot, took 6 hours and 17 takes to accomplish, had the camera operator be hoisted by a crane in certain parts and, upon completion, resulted in the operator passing out.

Clive Cussler's series The NUMA Files features a character named Kurt Austin, NUMAs team leader. They are adventure novels featuring NUMA, the organization founded by Clive Cussler. There are more than 11 books in this series including Serpent (1999), Blue Gold (2000), Fire Ice (2002), White Death (2003), Lost City (2004), Polar Shift (2005), The Navigator (2007), Medusa (2009), Devil's Gate (2011), The Storm (2012), Zero Hour (2013), and Ghost Ship (2014).

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The "Gloriathon" of 1999, when an Austin Texas club marked its going out of business with a shifting assemblage of musicians playing the Van Morrison hit "Gloria" for 24 straight hours.

NKVD’s chief executioner actually killed numerous victims *single-handedly and one by one*, most notably shooting 7,000 Polish prisoners in ten hours shifts over a single 28 day period in 1940 - source

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The use of 2400 vs 0000 on a 24 hour clock. 2400 is used to show the end of a shift and 0000 is used to show the beginning of a shift.

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A watch is called a watch because sailors used them to replace hourglasses, which they had used to time their 4-hour shifts of duty, or watches.

Steve Buscemi was a New York City fire fighter from 1980 to 1984. After the events of 9/11, he showed up in NYC to volunteer, working twelve-hour shifts for a week, and digging through rubble with his old comrades looking for missing firefighters.

During the Spring Equinox, Canadian Inuit harvest mussels beneath the frozen ocean by climbing into small, shifting fissures left by the receding tide, and have less than an hour before the water returns. Lookouts warn those below but cannot yell too loudly for fear of collapsing the ice.

Steve Buscemi showed up at his old firehouse the day after the 9/11 attacks in New York to volunteer, working twelve-hour shifts for a week, and digging through rubble looking for missing firefighters.

To prep for his role in ‘Taxi Driver,’ Robert DeNiro actually spent a month driving 12-15 hour shifts in a standard New York City taxi cab. At this point the actor was already an Oscar winner and A-list actor, and he would often pleasantly surprise his passengers when they got in.

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The weekdays in Western languages are named after the ancient "planets": Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the Sun. It was believed that the gods associated with each planet watched over Earth in 1-hour "shifts", and each day was named after its first hour's god.

The largest single piece of cheese ever produced was by Steve’s Cheese (Wisconsin) for the 1964 World’s Fair (New York). The cheese weighed 34,591 pounds (17 tons) & took a crew of 25 men working shifts around the clock for 43 hours. It would’ve take 1 cow 43 years to produce the necessary milk.

Kellogg had a 6-hour work shift up until the mid-80s

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