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9/11 survivor George Mironis visits FDNY Ladder Company 10 House, across from the memorial, once a week and leaves a candle in a glass jar just outside the firehouse. He does this to honor a firefighter he passed in the North Tower stairwell on 9/11 who did not survive.

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The Halligan bar, a tool for forcible entry invented by a FDNY firefighter, was initially not used by the FDNY because of the perceived conflict of interest.

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  1. At the time of 9/11/01 FDNY firefighters had a starting wage of $36,000/year

  2. A woman is set to graduate to become a FDNY firefighter despite not passing the crucial physical exam

  3. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter and helped the FDNY recover survivors after the 9/11 attacks

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