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In 2013 Harrison Okene, a cook aboard a Nigerian tugboat, was the only survivor of a crew of 12 when the boat sank. Trapped 100 feet below the surface, he survived for 72 hours in an air pocket before being rescued by Dutch divers from a nearby oil rig who had been sent in to recover the bodies.

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Ship cook Harrison Okene survived on the bottom of the ocean in an air pocket for almost three whole days before being rescued by recovery divers.

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  1. Harrison Okene, a man who was found alive in a sunken ship after three days with no light, food, and only CocaCola to drink.

  2. A South African SCUBA team was recovering dead bodies from a 3-day old shipwreck when they found and rescued Harrison Okene, who had survived in an air pocket in complete darkness

  3. About Harrison Okene, a Nigerian ship's cook who survived 60 hours trapped in an air bubble 100 feet below the surface when the ship he was on sank.

  4. In 2013 Harrison Okene's rescue after 3 days underwater in shipwreck was caught on video

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