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The NFL has no written rule against female players; women would in fact be allowed if they met the league's eligibility requirements.

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Medal of Honor recipients receive a standing invitation to all future presidential inaugurations and inaugural balls. Also, their children are eligible for admission to the United States military academies without regard to the nomination and quota requirements, provided they are qualified.

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  1. After Baptists in the North refused to appoint slaveholders as missionaries, the Alabama Baptist Convention passed a resolution requiring "that slaveholders [be] eligible, and entitled, equally with non-slaveholders, to all the privileges and... mission[s]."

  2. A Kumari or ''Living Goddess'', a pre-pubescent girl believed to be the manifestation of the divine female energy. Girls who pass the basic eligibility requirements are examined for the '32 perfections' of a goddess, including: a neck like a conch shell and a voice soft and clear as a duck's.

  3. Men 18+ are required to sign up for the draft in order to be eligible for financial aid. (U.S.)

  4. For the first time in Canadian history, citizens are required to register before voting in the federal election on October 19. The deadline for registration is October 13 and homeless people are not eligible.

  5. The only eligibility requirements to become Pope are to be a male Catholic in good standing.

  6. In the state of Maryland, bowling alley employees are required to work 48 hours before being eligible for overtime as opposed to the normal 40 for most employees

  7. Since November 2015, more than 16 lawsuits have been filed in the United States to challenge Ted Cruz's eligibility to the presidency, arguing that Cruz did not meet the constitutional requirement that the president be a "natural born citizen". All have been unsuccessful.

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What eligibility requirements are in the constitution for the house?

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