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Estonia is the most advanced state in terms of direct democracy and the use of internet in government

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The American oil company Texaco directly supported the Spanish Fascist Fransisco Franco in his war against democracy in the 1930's. He provided fuel to the Nazis and the Spanish/Italian Fascists and intel to help bomb Democratic fuel ships

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  1. Beyond direct and representative democracies there are also less popular forms of governance and variations on democracy including a presidential democracy, semi-direct democracy, constitutional monarchy, republic, liberal democracy, socialist, anarchist, sortation, consociational democracy, consensus democracy, supranational, inclusive democracy, participatory, cosmopolitan, and creative democracy.

  2. There's a 100-people village that is split in two halves by the Portuguese-Spanish border. Inhabitants speak their own language , there's no private property besides homes, everyone has dual nationality, there's direct democracy and there is no record of a real border in its history.

  3. American founding father Alexander Hamilton expressed fears regarding the use of pure direct democracy by the majority to elect a demagogue who, rather than work for the benefit of all citizens, set out to either harm those in the minority or work only for those of the upper echelon.

  4. Swiss citizens vote on approximately 10 questions every year by posted ballot, giving them the most direct democracy of any country, followed closely by the United States with some states having the initiative process.

  5. There are schools where children decide what they will have to learn, the schools are run by direct democracy in which students and staffs are equals.

  6. The 1988 Seoul Olympics directly contributed to South Korea's transition from authoritarianism to Democracy. As the June Democratic Uprisings of 1987 emerged, the desire not to taint the Olympic Games with military dictatorship and riots served as an impetus for Korea’s transition to democracy.

  7. In a direct democracy every person has a right to vote on all important issues and decisions. This is difficult with a very large population.

  8. In 1988, a book was unveiled which showed how the Mainstream Media manipulates views of the public in a democracy without showing direct support of any party through methods like self-cencorship and others. The book was called Manufacturing Consent and was written by Noam Chomsky & Edward Herman

  9. The Swiss operate under a direct democracy where the citizens get to vote on nearly EVERYTHING every 3 months

  10. Hong Kong didn’t have any democracy under British rule for nearly a century. They decided to start democratization only AFTER UK agreed to transfer the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China. “the first direct elections of the Legislative Council were held in 1991”, only 6 years before HK’s return.

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Our founding fathers did not want a direct democracy where the national popular vote decided who was president.

The Electoral College was designed to prevent unqualified Presidents from being elected, due to distrust in who would be elected in a direct democracy. - source

There's an autonomous section of Syria governed by direct democracy and gender equality - source

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