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In 1982, the CIA successfully tricked the Soviet Union into stealing sabotaged software that oversaw pump valves in gas lines. The CIA used it to close off a massive Soviet gas line, leading to a massive pressure build up and “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion ever seen from space.”

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In 1958, as an experiment, Bank of America mailed 60,000 residents of Fresno, California a small plastic card with a $500 credit line. BoA figured if it failed, there'd be no media coverage because it was in Fresno. The experiment was hugely successful and the program became Visa.

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  1. The first successful surgery to repair an anal fistula was performed on Louis XIV in 1686; anal fistula surgery then became highly fashionable, with members of the royal court lining up to undergo the procedure (whether they needed it or not) or faking it by placing bandages on their bums

  2. The Most Interesting Man in the World landed the Dos Equis gig by successfully improvising, with the given line "...and that's how I arm wrestled Fidel Castro."

  3. The most successful and feared allied spy of WWII, Virginia Hall, was an American woman with a prosthetic leg. She escaped France on foot through the Pyrenees mts, re-entered before D Day, and organized havoc behind the Nazi lines.

  4. In World War II, during the invasion of the Netherlands, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard evacuated to Canada. When Princess Juliana's child was born, the Governor General of Canada declared the Princess' quarters extraterritorial so that the newborn was eligible for the line of succession.

  5. In 1953, the British kicked off their successful Mt Everest expedition by inviting its members to their embassy. While the climbers were housed in luxury, the Sherpas were put in garages without beds or toilets. Infuriated, the Sherpas retaliated by lining up and urinating on the front lawn.

  6. In 1958, Bank of America mass mailed 60,000 unsolicited credit cards, with a credit line of $500, to residents of Fresno, California. They chose Fresno so that if the plan failed, it wouldn’t get much media coverage. The program was wildly successful and marked the birth of Visa.

  7. The US Vice President is the only officer in the Line of Succession that can ever succeed to the title of President; the remaining officers could only be Acting President

  8. George Hjorth parachuted into France three nights before D-day with three film cameras. His mission was to hide in front of the German lines at Normandy and film whatever happened on the beach. He completed the mission successfully, but the film is lost in the archives.

  9. In 2009, Disney-owned Lucasfilm successfully sued Verizon Wireless over their line of Android phones named “DROID” as "droid" is a registered trademark of LucasFilm. Since the Steve Jobs Trust is one of Disney's largest shareholders, Jobs' estate makes money when a DROID is sold.

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100 years ago with WW1 raging, Pres. Woodrow Wilson didn't want America led by a "lame duck" if he lost re-election. So, if he lost, he planned to appoint his OPPONENT as Secretary of State (3rd in line of succession) and then resign along with his VP, making his opponent instant President.

An Airbus A330 lost both of its engines due to a ruptured fuel line. The pilot, an experienced glider pilot, successfully glided the plane for 20 minutes, saving all 306 people on board. - source

A noblewoman (a widow of a samurai lord & descendent of a long line of ninjas) recruited, trained, & led an all-female group of 200-300 ninja agents—consisting of ex-prostitutes, orphans, & civil-war victims—who were successfully deployed for the Takeda clan against rival warlords in 1500s Japan - source

The odd quirk in the Presidential Line of Succession -- going from Executive Branch (Vice President) to Legislative Branch (President Pro Tempore, Speaker of the House) -- was initially created to specifically keep Thomas Jefferson, then Secretary of State, out of the line of succession.

The Bionicle line helped save Lego from its financial crisis of the late 1990s, becoming one of its biggest and most successful product lines. - source

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In WW2 the British deployed 100,000 weather balloons trailing metal wires in order to short circuit and damage German power lines. The operation was deemed a success.

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A study by a psychologist found that asking to cut in line to use the copy machine had a 60% success rate. Adding that one would be using the copy machine to make copies increased this to 93%.

The first son of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Nam, was a Swiss educated heir apparent up until he was caught trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland wearing a white shirt, black blazer, sunglasses and a gold chain. This removed him from the line of succession and exiled, he claims he wanted reform in NK.

Wellington successfully used the "reverse slope defense" against Napoleon. As the French troops attacked the ridge were the British positions were, they were unaware of how many troops were behind the front line.

Sebastian Arcelus, best known for appearing in House of Cards and Madam Secretary, is in the line of succession to the British throne. His maternal grandfather was an Italian nobleman, his maternal grandmother was a Russian princess, and his great-great-grandfather was the King of Serbia.

The Battle of Anzio, which lasted from January 22 to June 5, 1944, was an Allied amphibious invasion that was intended to flank most of the German defensive lines. Although successful, it was quite costly.

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Until 1971, the Postmaster General was cabinet position and included in the presidential line of succession.

President Nixon was so unhappy with his first Vice President Spiro Agnew that he considered naming Agnew to the Supreme Court in order to get him out of the line of presidential succession

The BIONICLE toyline helped save LEGO from its financial crisis of the late 1990s, accounting for nearly all of LEGO's financial turnover from the previous decade and becoming one of its biggest and most successful product lines.

Himalayan snowcock is ground-nesting bird. Female deposits eggs on the bare ground, lined with grass, twigs and feathers. 5 to 12 olive-green or brown eggs covered with reddish-brown spots hatch after 27 to 28 days. Female uses two brood patches on the thighs to insulate the eggs from the low temperatures and to provide warmth required for the successful development of chicks. Male guards the nest against intruders and together with female participate in rearing of chicks.

A study in 1978 tested the success of asking to cut in line to use a copy machine. When no reason was given, 60% of those asked agreed. When adding, "because I’m in a rush" 94% agreed. Though the reason mattered little, as even with, "because I have to make copies,” 93% of those asked agreed.

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Carrier pigeons were the most reliable communications tool during WWI: ~100,000 birds carried messages back-and-forth from the front with a success rate of >95%. Given their importance, pilots would carry them if they found any stranded behind enemy lines & Germans trained hawks to hunt them.

The Woolly Mammoth Revival. A Harvard-based team is copy-and-pasting DNA from the mammoth genome into living elephant cells. To date a number of genes have been successfully rewritten into Asian Elephant cell lines

The US postmaster general was removed from the presidential line of succession in 1971.

As the result of a successful ad campaign in 1974, eating at KFC on Christmas has become a tradition for many Japanese people. Many of them order months in advance to avoid hours-long lines

The line of succession, in case the POTUS needs to be replaced, is 17 people long

There is no clear line of succession, should the prime minister of The UK be incapacitated, and that discussion of such is discouraged within government.

Under the urging of Henry's sixth and final wife, Catherine Parr, Mary was returned to the royal line of succession in 1544. She played the role of dutiful daughter quite well, even while Henry was persecuting Catholics throughout England.

The Secretary of Education is two spots ahead of the Secretary of Homeland Security in the U.S. Presidential line of succession.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is second in the Presidential line of succession, need not be a Representative. Any schmoe off the street can theoretically be elected by the House as Speaker.

In the United States, a designated survivor is an individual in the presidential line of succession, who is arranged to be at a physically distant, secure, and undisclosed location when the President and the country's other top leaders are gathered at a single location.

Though no official, complete, version of the line of succession to the British throne is currently maintained, in 2001 genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner compiled a list of 4973 living descendants.

Bodhi (aka Menswear Dog), a stylish Shiba Inu breed dog is a successful menswear fashion model who makes 15,000 a month. He has modelled for numerous publications and fashion lines like Coach, American Apparel, GQ, Esquire, Time, and many others.

St. Mary's Hospital in London has seen the discovery of heroin and penicillin and the births of the second through fifth individuals in the royal line of succession as well as Kiefer Sutherland and Elvis Costello.

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