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Queen Elizabeth II is immune from prosecution, can drive without a license, and can fire the Prime Minister of Australia or Canada as she pleases

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In 2009 Irish police found they had more than 50 motoring offences recorded for someone called "Prawo Jadzy". It turned out that Prawo Jadzy means "driving license" in Polish

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  1. In the U.K 2002 a man attempted to refute a £25 motoring ticket by invoking the right to trial by combat, challenging the Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency to elect a champion to do combat with him.

  2. Two men went missing in Naples, FL after being arrested by the same officer for driving without a license, one year apart.

  3. In addition to limitations of the hours they can drive, New Jersey drivers under 21 must display a reflective sticker on the front and back license plates of any car they drive to instantly alert other drivers that a younger driver is behind the wheel.

  4. Japan offers ramen discounts to older drivers if they give up their driving licenses

  5. In 2013 the Minnesota Court of Appeals revoked a man's license after he repeatedly ignored warnings from law enforcement that he was driving too slowly on two-lane highways. He told a lower court judge that 48 mph is his Ford Ranger pickup truck’s “sweet spot” for gas mileage.

  6. In 2015 Jake Lloyd, the child actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode 1 was arrested for "reckless driving, driving without a license and resisting arrest." He engaged the county sheriff in a 25 mile high speed car chase.

  7. About the powers of Queen Elizabeth II, that she can fire the whole Australian government, has her own personal poet, can drive without a license, owns every Dolphin in British waters

  8. Mr Prawo Jazdy who committed more than 50 traffic offenses and was known to be the worst driving offender in Ireland. An investigation uncovered the fact that Prawo Jazdy is the Polish term for "Driving License"

  9. The state of Ohio requires drivers convicted of a DUI to drive with unique bright yellow license plates

  10. In the U.K 2002 a man attempted to refute a £25 motoring ticket by invoking the right to trial by combat, challenging the Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency to elect a champion to do combat with him.

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DMX has been in trouble with the law 22 times in the last 20 years. Most of them stem from animal cruelty, drug and weapon possession, driving under the influence or without a license and failure to pay child support.

Police stopped Rodney King on the 20th anniversary of his beating and cited him with driving with an expired license - source

In San Jose, Costa Rica, you are allowed to drive only 6 days a week by law. The last letter/number on your license plate corresponds to your banned day (Monday-Friday) - source

The Turkmenistan President for Life effectively ended the teaching of algebra, physics, and physical education. In place, students were encouraged to memorize his book, "Ruhnama". Knowledge of it was required to pass education exams, hold any state employment, and qualify for a driving license.

Anyone can earn the official title of 'Lord', 'Lady' or 'Laird' by buying a plot of Scottish land. This title can be used on official documents like driving licenses and credit cards - source

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Nicolas Winding Refn, director of 'Drive', has no driver's license or vehicle and has failed his test eight times.

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Jerry Richardson began driving with the license plate PNTHRS in 1989, in anticipation of the franchise.

The mystery of Ireland's worst driver. Mr Prawo Jazdy managed to evade justice by giving a different address over 50 times. Turns out "Prawo Jazdy" means "Driving License" in Polish.

Timothy McVeigh was arrested by police 90 minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing for driving without a license plate. In his wallet was a card for a military surplus store, with "TNT 5 dollars a stick - need more"

Tina Fey does not have a driver's license and has forgotten how to drive.

In 1967, Ohio began to issue special license plates to DUI offenders who are granted limited driving privileges such as work-related driving until a court can rule that they can have full privileges back.

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A driver's license is not required in Ontario to drive a tractor along or across a road. Drivers must be 16 or older to drive on, or along, a road. Drivers under 16 can only drive tractors directly across a road

U.S. Presidents lose their driving license after taking office requiring secret service drivers for the the rest of their lives, drivers trained in evasive and defensive driving maneuvers.

In 2015 Jake Lloyd, the child actor who playef Anakin Skywalker in Episode 1 was arrested for "reckless driving, driving without a license and resisting arrest." He engaged the county sheriff in a 25 mile high speed car chase.

The Queen does not need/ is not required to have a license to drive.

Prior to filming the original The Fast and the Furious; Jordana Brewster didn't know how to drive and had to get a driver's license just to be in the film

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In São Paulo, Brazil, the Last Digit of your License Plate Determines What Days You Can Drive

The Queen of the UK is the only person who can drive without a driving license in UK

In WV, U.S.A., if a person knowingly permits a drunk person to drive their vehicle, that person faces up to six months in jail and is subject to pay a fine of $100 to $500. The person will also have his or her driver’s license revoked for six months.

In Ireland the police were looking for a Polish man called Mr Prawo Jazdy for over 50 driving offences across the country, they later found out prawo jazdy means driving license in polish.

Japan is using ramen to lure elderly drivers off road, police have arranged for a chain of noodle restaurants to give discounts to senior citizens who relinquish their driving licenses.

Queen Elizabeth II has been voluntarily paying income tax since 1992, doesn't require a passport, or a driving license and once scared the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by driving him quickly around narrow Scottish roads in her land rover before women could drive in Saudi Arabia.

Even though Saudi women can't drive cars, they can get pilot's licenses

In some cities in China, license plate restrictions are so bad that you have to bid on a license in order to purchase and drive a car, sometimes fetching as much as $15k just to register your car for a plate.

Belgium didn't require driving tests from driving license holders until 1977.

Before 2009, people in Texas weren't required to take a driving test before getting a license

Some people in Beijing were banned from driving temporarily based on their license plate number.

An Exmouth ambulance driver Eoin Crowley forged his UK driving license and drove for the South Western Ambulance Service NHS for four years.

Katherine Sui Fun Cheung became the first Chinese American pilot during a time when most women couldn't get licenses to drive cars.

It Takes 100 Hours Of Driving To Gain A Car License, But Only 20 Hours Of Flying To Become A Pilot.

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