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In the D.C. metro area, there is a carpooling practice known as "slugging." Strangers wait on a corner to be picked up by another stranger so that the driver can use the HOV lane. Oh and it's all for free.

In 2013 a motorist argued that driving with corporation papers in his front seat allowed him the right to drive in a carpool lane. He ended up paying a $478 fine.

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  1. About Slugging, a practice where commuters driving into big cities will pick up fellow random commuters in order to take advantage of faster carpool lanes. No money is exchanged, and as many as 9,000 people in some US cities will Slug in a given day.

  2. One of the outtakes from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm exonerated a man charged with first degree murder, who claimed he was at an LA Dodgers game. During the filming of the episode "The Carpool Lane", he was caught on video in the crowd, thereby confirming his alibi.

  3. Rich gridlocked motorists in Jakarta hire mothers with infants to use carpool lanes

  4. In Ontario you're allowed to drive a Porsche 918 supercar in the carpool lane even when you're alone, because it's considered a "green vehicle". You even get a $5500 incentive for buying one.

  5. Indonesians rent drugged babies to permit travel in carpool lanes.

  6. A corpse doesn’t count for the carpool lane

  7. In 1987 a mom-to-be was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for driving in the carpool lane with no passengers, a $52 ticket at the time. She fought the ticket in court, arguing that her 5-month-old fetus was her passenger. The judge agreed.

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