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In California all DUI convicts are made to sign “The Watson Admonishment”, which forces them to acknowledge the danger of DUI. If you are the cause of fatal DUI after signing this you are charged with murder rather than manslaughter.

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A man was charged two DUIs at the same time, an hour apart because of daylight savings.

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  1. Alice Walton (Walmart heiress) killed somebody while DUI and the charges were dropped after the arresting trooper was mysteriously suspended and unable to testify until after charges had expired

  2. About a Louisiana man who avoided a DUI charge after riding his horse home from the bar as he was not in a "motorized vehicle".

  3. A Woman was charged with a DUI for eating too many carbs because she had "auto-brewery syndrome"

  4. Mötley Crüe's lead vocalist Vince Neil was driving home drunk from a liquor store with Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley. Neil crashed head on with another vehicle, killing Razzle. Neil was charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

  5. In some U.S. states a person can be charged with a DUI for riding a horse while under the influence. A woman in Florida received such a charge when she was caught riding her horse on the highway while under the influence. She was also charged with animal neglect.

  6. Arizona has a "Super Extreme DUI" charge, and that's the official nomenclature! Thanks, Michael Floyd

  7. A man was charged with DUI for driving his lawnmower during a snowstorm with a blood alcohol content of over 2.5 the legal limit

  8. The co-founder of Crocs was arrested and charged with DUI in Boulder after yelling at police. During the arrest he told police among other things, "my girlfriend is really fucking famous, do you know Taylor Swift?"

  9. 'auto-brewery syndrome', where the simple act of eating bread or pasta can cause someone to become intoxicated. In 2014, a woman with the condition in New York beat a DUI charge

  10. Flint, MI has a councilman named Eric Mays who has been charged with a DUI, disorderly conduct at a council meeting because he wouldn't stop talking, and most recently pawning his city issued laptop several times. This happened while he was on City Council and he is still on it today.

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In 2008, Congressman Matt Gaetz was arrested under a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) as he was driving back from The Swamp, a nightclub on Okaloosa Island, Florida.

Lane Garrison (best known for his role on Prison Break) was sent to jail in 2007 charged with vehicular manslaughter associated with a DUI. - source

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You can be charged with a DUI if you caffeine in your system.

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the White House press secretary has more DUI charges than White House press conferences

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