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Senator Daniel Webster turned down two offers to be vice president by William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor because he thought the office was a dead-end position. Both these presidents then died in office.

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Senator Daniel Webster was offered the office of Vice President by both William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, he did not accept either as he thought the position would lead nowhere, choosing instead to make three failed Presidential campaigns. Both Taylor and Harrison died in office.

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  1. The American artist Sarah Goodridge painted a miniature self-portrait of her breasts which she gave to her lover Daniel Webster in 1828.

  2. Daniel Webster is primarily responsible for the differences between American and British spelling, but many of his changes never stuck, such as medicine=medicin, ache=ake, soup=soop, tongue=tung, women=wimmen, and weather=wether

  3. After Daniel Webster's wife died, 19th century artist Sarah Goodridge offered a self-portrait of her breasts, possibly as a marriage proposal

  4. When told that he shouldn't become a lawyer because the field was overpopulated, Daniel Webster replied "There's always room at the top."

  5. On September 11th in 1841, every single member of president John Tyler's cabinet resigned one by one, except for Daniel Webster.

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