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There was a crossover comic with The Punisher and Archie

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Jim Carreys The Mask was originally a comic book, and there was a DC crossover where The Joker wears the mask. He is defeated when Batman tells him the mask has made him less funny.

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  1. There's a Superman vs. Aliens crossover comic, where Superman kills a chestburster by flexing his super-abs.

  2. There was a Peanuts/Spider-Man Crossover comic strip, in which, Spider-Man helps Charlie Brown kick the football by trapping Lucy in a web.

  3. The 1996 Amalgam Comics crossover between DC Comics and Marvel, where Thanos merged with Darkseid to become "Thanoseid".

  4. Spock incapacitated Wolverine with a Vulcan Nerve Pinch in an X-Men/Star Trek crossover comic.

  5. Marvel and D.C. co-own a joint comic book imprint with a combined universe and crossover comics including a Batman/Wolverine fusion called "Dark Claw".

  6. Hank Hill from "King of the Hill" has a crossover with Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer on Fox Kids

  7. Hank Hill from "King of the Hill" has a crossover promotion with Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer on Fox Kids

  8. Marvel released a comic book crossover between Eminem and The Punisher in 2009. In addition to The Punisher, the plot features an assassin hired by the Parents Music Council. His goal is to take out Eminem.

  9. Marvel and DC Comics did crossover series, called "Amalgam Comics", which would blend together characters from both universes to make whole new characters

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