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Michael Jordan's father was murdered. The famous picture of Jordan crying while holding the trophy was the first NBA Championship win since his father died. The day Jordan and the Bulls won that title happened to be on Father's Day.

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Detroit holds the record for most major sports championships held at one time. In 1935, the Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions won their respective leagues championship trophy. It was also each franchises first championship win.

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  1. Since 1994 the NHL championship trophy, The Stanley Cup, is always accompanied by a human handler. Before that, the cup was stolen, used as a planter, kicked over a river, set on fire, and urinated on.

  2. that former Canadian Govenor General Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston, who donated the cup that now bears his name and is the Championship trophy for the NHL, never attended a Stanley Cup game.

  3. It's thought that the Minnesota Vikings lost the NFL Championship/Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy after winning the '69 NFL Championship. The whereabouts of it are still unknown.

  4. The original trophy for The Open Championship golf tournament was a title belt. It was first awarded in 1860.

  5. When Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was being sued by a minority partner for mismanaging the franchise, he responded with a court brief to dismiss the suit that included a photograph of the Mavs celebrating their 2010-11 NBA championship, hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

  6. NBA player Jason 'Jet' Terry, former Dallas Mavericks sixth man, got a tattoo of the Larry O'Brien championship trophy on his bicep during preseason. They ended up winning The Mavs' first championship ever the same season, without ever really being viewed as contenders.

  7. The first NFL trophy has been missing for 96 years. In 1934, the NFL made a new trophy and gave it to the winner of each championship until 1970. Then it, also, went missing. A trophy that looks just like this one sits in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame but nobody knows how it got there.

  8. After the Canadian Football League Championship Game (Grey Cup), a trophy is awarded to the "Most Valuable Canadian".

  9. The Raptors were the first team outside the U.S. takes home the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy!

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