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Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte, onetime King of Spain, abdicated the Spanish throne and fled to southern New Jersey, where he claimed to encounter the mythical Jersey Devil while hunting alone in the woods

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New Jersey's NHL team is named after the Jersey Devil, a legendary creature encountered by many including Commodore Stephen Decatur (who fired a cannonball at it) and Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's older brother. In 1909 the creature reportedly attacked a trolley and was fired upon by police

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  1. After the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup in 2003, goaltender Martin Brodeur took it to a movie theater and ate popcorn out of it.

  2. Napoleon's brother fled to New Jersey, where he had one of the first documented encounters with the Jersey Devil, helping to popularize the myth.

  3. There was an NHL team that was named the "Colorado Rockies" years before the baseball team existed, and that this NHL franchise would go on to relocate and become the New Jersey Devils.

  4. The rumor of the Jersey Devil may have arisen from a political feud involving Benjamin Franklin!

  5. Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon, is claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil while hunting on his estate in Bordentown, NJ

  6. The New Jersey Devils hockey team is named after the mythical beast that has been seen flying over New Jersey.

  7. When Sean Avery started distracting goalkeeper Martin Brodeur during the first round playoff game against the New Jersey Devils on April 13, 2008. The NHL issued an unsportsmanlike conduct rule to be imposed on any player attempting this same strategy the next day.

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Napoleon's older brother, Joseph fled to New Jersey and encountered the Jersey Devil on his estate

Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s Brother a.k.a. Joe Bottle was the King of Naples, Sicily and later Spain. He also lived in New Jersey were he encountered the mythological Jersey Devil. - source

Jaromir Jagr is 43 years old. Only 2 years ago he led the New Jersey Devils in scoring and right now he leads the Panthers in total points, assists, and goals - source

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