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The pirate that gets thrown into the Boo Box in Hook was Glenn Close.

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In the Robin Williams led Peter Pan movie "Hook," the pirate that was punished by Captain Hook and crew by being put in the Boo Box full of scorpions was played by award winning actress Glenn Close

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  1. In the movie Hook, the bearded pirate who was thrown in the "boo box" with scorpions was actually Glenn Close. Other cameos in the movie include a young Gwenith Paltrow, Phil Collins, and George Lucas kissing Carrie Fisher on a bridge

  2. Critically acclaimed movie, Citizen Kane, was a flop in the box office when it first came out, was booed at the 1942 Academy Awards, and only won one of the nine nominations it received.

  3. Gutless, the pirate who gets put in the boo box on the film Hook, was played by Glenn Close

  4. Jimmy Buffett, George Lucas, Phil Collins, Carrie Fisher, and Glenn Close were all in the 1991 movie Hook. Glenn Close played the male pirate who was put in the "boo box."

  5. Gutless, the pirate thrown into the Boo Box in the movie Hook, was played by Glenn Close

  6. Glenn Close was in Hook (1991), playing the male-pirate that was put in the Boo Box on Hook's ship.

  7. Glenn Close made a gender bent cameo in Steven Spielberg's HOOK. She played a male pirate named gutless. She/He was the one sent to the BOO box.

  8. Glenn Close played the pirate thrown in the Boo Box in Hook.

  9. The pirate that Hook puts in the Boo Box is Glenn Close. She just wanted to be in the movie so she took this small part.

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