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Durng the filming of the 1991 film "Hook", Dustin Hoffman and Bob Hoskins decided to portray Captain Hook and Smee as a married gay couple, to which Steven Spielberg replied "this is a kids' movie".

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In Hook (1991) where Dustin Hoffman plays Captain Hook he also does the captain's announcement on the flight to London. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen your captain is in..."

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  1. In the Robin Williams led Peter Pan movie "Hook," the pirate that was punished by Captain Hook and crew by being put in the Boo Box full of scorpions was played by award winning actress Glenn Close

  2. In the film "Hook", Captain Hook's hat is designed to look like a crocodile's mouth.

  3. There's a 2015 adaptation of Peter Pan where Captain Hook makes the children of Neverland mine fairy dust and sing Nirvana songs

  4. Tim Curry was the voice of Captain Hook on a Fox cartoon called Peter Pan & the Pirates.

  5. In the original theatrical production of Peter Pan, Captain Hook was originally going to be played by the actress who portrayed Mary Darling, the children's mother. The actor playing George Darling instead requested the part and Captain Hook was changed to a male character.

  6. A group of 300 Hippies (Yippies) attempted to occupy various areas of Disneyland, leading to a takeover of Tom Sawyer Island, comandeering Captain Hooks boat, a planned black panther takeover of Aunt Jamimas Pancake shop and riot police marching on Main St USA. (story is in three parts)

  7. The character Captain Hook from Peter Pan was inspired by a preacher with a hook for a hand. Turns out he was a successful pirate who stranded his partner "Smith" in the Caribbean. After becoming a man of the cloth Smith tracked him down and blackmailed him until he went insane.

  8. Vanilla Ice was in a pantomime of Peter Pan as Captain Hook

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