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When Michael Jackson granted Weird Al Yankovic permission to do "Fat" (a parody of "Bad"), Jackson allowed him to use the same set built for his own "Badder" video from the Moonwalker film. Yankovic said that Jackson's support helped to gain approval from other artists he wanted to parody.

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When Weird Al Yankovic asked Kurt Cobain to parody 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' that Kurt asked him if it would be about food, and Al said it would be about how no one could understand his lyrics. Kurt found that extremely funny, and said absolutely.

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  1. Weird Al' Yankovic recorded a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," entitled "Perform This Way," and all of the proceeds from the parody and its music video were donated to the Human Rights Campaign, to support the human rights themes of the original song.

  2. When Weird Al Yankovic asked the publishers of The Kinks' Lola whether songwriter Ray Davies would allow its parody, Yoda, to be released, he got a negative response. However, when Yankovic met Davies five years later, Ray told him that he had never been asked and allowed Al to release Yoda.

  3. Weird Al Yankovic had asked permission from Prince to parody his songs on numerous occasions, and has always been refused. When the two were assigned to sit in the same row at an award's show, he got a telegram from Prince's lawyers demanding he not make eye contact

  4. "The Saga Begins," Weird Al Yankovic's parody of the song "American Pie" where he lays out the plot of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, was written almost entirely based on internet spoilers.

  5. Paul McCartney, a Weird Al Yankovic fan, refused Yankovic permission to record a parody of Wings' "Live and Let Die", titled "Chicken Pot Pie", because McCartney didn't want to condone eating meat.

  6. When Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of Nirvana's song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," (which is called "Smells Like Nirvana) Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain considered the parody as a sign that they had "made it" as a band.

  7. Weird Al Yankovic was going to parody Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" with "Chicken Pot Pie" but McCartney denied his request due to being a vegetarian.

  8. Weird Al Yankovic is not legally required to get permission to parody other artists songs, but he does so anyway.

  9. In Weird Al Yankovic's parody 'Amish Paradise' where the scene is in reverse, Al lip synced the words backwards whilst shooting normally so when the scene was reversed Al's lips matched the video.

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When 'Weird Al' Yankovic asked Kurt Cobain for permission to parody Smells Like Teen Spirit, Cobain first reaction was to ask, "Is it going to be a song about food?"

Paul McCartney didn't allow the Weird Al Yankovic "Live and Let Die" parody entitled "Chicken Pot Pie" because he is a vegetarian. Yankovic, a vegetarian himself, said he respected the decision. - source

Weird Al Yankovic's "Eat it" made it to number 1 in Australia, higher than the original pre-parody "Beat it" by Michael Jackson. - source

Paul McCartney refused to let "Weird" Al Yankovic parody 'Live And Let Die' as 'Chicken Pot Pie' on the grounds that he's a vegetarian. Just like with Eminem, Al made up a fake interview with the former Beatle - source

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Weird" Al Yankovic woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the the phrase "bargle nawdle zouss", 'thinking that it would "be important someday." He later used this in his parody of Nirvana.

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After Paul McCartney asked when one of his songs would be parodied, Weird Al wrote Chicken Pot Pie to the tune of Live And Let Die. McCartney denied permission because he is a vegetarian. Yankovic, as a fellow vegetarion, respected his wishes and has only performed it live.

Weird Al Yankovic got permission to parody Nickelback, but was unable to make it work and dropped it

Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Paul McCartney's 'Live And Let Die' (Chicken Pot Pie) was rejected due to McCartney's vegetarianism

When performing his classic 'American Pie' live, Don McLean almost mixes up his own lyrics with Weird Al Yankovic's parody version.

Sir Paul McCartney refused Yankovic permission to record a parody of "Live and Let Die", titled "Chicken Pot Pie", because McCartney is a vegetarian and found the parody to be improper.

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Paul McCartney refused to give Weird Al Yankovic permission to record a parody of "Live and Let Die", titled "Chicken Pot Pie", because McCartney is a vegetarian and found the parody to be improper.

Weird Al Yankovic is such a perfectionist he hired the same dancers for the 'Eat It' parody, that Michael Jackson used in 'Beat It'. The side by side is incredible.

Weird Al Yankovic wrote a parody of Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me", but it never got past the demo stage because -- as he always does -- Weird Al showed Joel the demo, and Joel wasn't pleased because of how brutal it was.

Paul McCartney asked Weird Al when he was going to parody one of his songs. When Yankovic asked to put "Chicken Pot Pie" (based on Live and Let Die) on an album, McCartney denied his request because he was a vergetarian and didn't want to promote meat

In celebration of the release of the 2007 Transformers movie, rapper MC chris did a cover of Weird Al Yankovic's Devo style-parody, "Dare to Be Stupid"

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Weird Al" Yankovic's Beverly Hillbillies-themed parody of "Money For Nothing" is correctly titled "Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies*" with the slash and asterisk, because of legal complications

The Westboro Baptist Church website hosts over 100 parodies of pop songs, from I Will Always Love You (God Will Always Hate You) to Fat Bottomed Girls (Fat Bottomed Whore). They're like talentless, hateful Weird Al Yankovic.

Prince was the only major artist to refuse Weird Al Yankovic’s requests to parody his hits. When scheduled to be seated in the same row at the American Music Awards, Prince formally demanded that Weird Al not make eye contact with him. Yankovic replied, demanding Prince do the same.

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