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Anne Frank was bisexual and wrote extensively about her attraction to both men and women. The common version of her diaries are censored for this content.

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Rutka Laskier, a Jewish girl from Poland who died in Auschwitz at the age of 14, wrote a diary describing her experiences under Nazi occupation. Her diary was published in 2006 and she has become known as the "Polish Anne Frank."

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  1. Anne Frank wrote in her famous diary, "When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived! But, and that's a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?"

  2. L. Frank Baum wrote not one, but thirteen sequels to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Because of letter sent by fans for more books, Baum wrote a new Oz book almost every year until his death.

  3. Englishman Frank Bickerton fought in both world wars, was drafted into 2 Antarctic expeditions, developed a golf course, was the hero of a novel, killed bears, wrote major motion pictures, treasure hunted in Costa Rica & married an earl's granddaughter

  4. Frank Whittle, the inventor of the turbojet engine, wrote: "Good thing I was too stupid to know this" on a academic report stating gas turbine aircraft engines were "beyond the realm of possibility".

  5. Adrian Carton de Wiart a British Officer who served in 3 wars; was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip and ear; survived 2 plane crashes; tunneled out of a POW camp; tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. He wrote in WW1 "Frankly I had enjoyed the war."

  6. Iron Maiden wrote a song based on Dune, the classic sic-fi novel. The band initially wanted to name the song "Dune", but were met with the following message upon requesting permission: "Frank Herbert doesn't like rock bands, particularly heavy rock bands, and especially bands like Iron Maiden".

  7. Sir Adrian de Wiart served in the Boer War, WWI, WWII, and was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear. He survived 2 plane crashes, tunnelled out of a POW camp, and bit off his own fingers when a doctor wouldn’t amputate. About WWI, he wrote, "Frankly I had enjoyed the war."

  8. 10 years after he wrote an editorial calling for genocide against the Lakota people, L. Frank Baum wrote the children's book, "The Wizard of Oz."

  9. The famous Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water" is about a casino/concert hall on Lake Geneva, Switzerland that burned down during a Frank Zappa show. Deep Purple witnessed the fire (and rescue efforts) from across the street, then wrote a song about the incident.

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Frank Darabont considers Mary Shelley's Frankenstein "the best script I ever wrote and the worst movie I’ve ever seen."

Famed comic book creator Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil :Born Again, 300) also wrote Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:The Secret Of the Ooze. - source

In 2001 Frank Miller wrote a three part series titled The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

L. Frank Baum wrote Mother Goose in Prose in 1897. It was successful enough that he was able to quit working. His next book Father Goose, His Book, published in 1899 became that year's bestselling children's book.

While in hiding Anne also wrote short stories. She also collected quotes from other writers in her notebook.

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Anne Frank wrote about her sexual exploration in her diary, only for it to be later edited out by her father.

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L. Frank Baum, writer of "The Wizard of Oz," wrote two editorials calling for the genocide of Native Americans

Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart, a veteran of the Boer War, WW1, and WW2. He was shot multiple times, was in two plane crashes, and tunnelled out of a POW camp, among other badassery. Describing his experience of WW1, he wrote "Frankly, I had enjoyed the War."

In 2013, John Anglin, one of the infamous Alcatraz prison escapees wrote a letter to the FBI stating that he, his brother Clarence and Frank Morris all escaped alive. He also stated he is willing to face 1 year in prison in exchange for medical attention.

The inventor of the board game "Guess Who?" was an elementary school classmate of Anne Frank, and wrote a book about his memories of her.

During WWI Adrian Carton de Wiart was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear, survived two plane crashes, escaped from a POW camp and tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. he later wrote, "Frankly I had enjoyed the war."

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Anne wrote about her thoughts, and about life, in her diary.

In an editorial about Native Americans Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum wrote "Whites, by law of conquest, by justice of civilization, are masters of the American continent, and the best safety of the frontier settlements will be secured by the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians"

Roderick Thorp wrote Nothing Lasts Forever as a sequel to The Detective so it could be made into a film starring Frank Sinatra. Sinatra declined the role, it was then changed into a sequel to Commando. Schwarzenegger turned down the role, and the script was retooled in 1988 for Die Hard

L. Frank Baum wrote many more books from the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz including The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904), Queen Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz (1905), The Woggle-Bug Book (1905), Ozma of Oz (1907), Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz (1908), The Road to Oz (1909), The Emerald City of Oz (1910), The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913), Little Wizard Stories of Oz (1913), Tik-Tok of Oz (1914), The Scarecrow of Oz (1915), Rinkitink in Oz (1916), The Lost Princess of Oz (1917), The Tin Woodman of Oz (1918), and several more published after his death.

Frank Zappa wrote a piece of music entitled "The Black Page" widely considered to be one of the most difficult pieces of music to play. It is so named because there are so many notes the page is almost completely black.

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In 1986 Frank Miller wrote a four-issue comic book miniseries. It resulted in The Dark Knight Returns, a story of Batman at 55 coming out of retirement to fight crime.

L. Frank Baum wrote the Wizard of Oz as an elaborate allegory for monetary policy, William Jennings Bryan, and the "free silver" movement of the turn of the 20th century

A socialist and critic of capitalism, Frank Bellamy, wrote the pledge of allegiance.

Anne Frank herself wrote a second version of her diary intended for publication - including intimate details about menstruation etc.

Katy Perry’s uncle Frank Perry wrote and directed the movie “Mommie Dearest”. An adaptation of the book by the same name written by Joan Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina Crawford.

That, along with her Diary, a collection of short stories and fables that Anne Frank wrote, called 'Tales from the Secret Annex', was also published.

David Bowie wrote "Life on Mars" as revenge against Frank Sinatra for not choosing his lyrics for "My Way"

Frank Darabont wrote a magnificent adaptation of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein but was then re-written and destroyed by director Kenneth Branagh who went on to make one of the worst adaptations of the Frankenstein story.

Randy Newman wrote a song for Frank Sinatra, but he rejected it because he felt like Newman was making fun of him... It was called "Lonely At The Top"

Anne Frank wrote most of her diary entries in the form of letters to someone named Kitty.

L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, wrote an editorial calling for the extermination of Native Americans

Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz was a serious theosophist and likely wrote his famous book as an alegory for spiritual enlightenment.

Frank Miller wrote a screenplay for "Batman: Year One", but it was rejected for being "too dark"

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