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MMA fighter Matt Hamill noticed a car speeding down the wrong side of the highway and turned his car around, gave chase and safely forced the car to a grassy area. He then punched out a window to stop the car, potentially saving the child passenger and the inebriated mother's lives.

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Because the Space Shuttle was so hard to land (it was nicknamed "the flying brick"), shuttle crews must train in a modified Gulfstream with its main landing gears down, its engines in reverse, and its left hand side windows covered.

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  1. Because of the way bacon was being packaged -- layered so as to emphasize the meaty side of the bacon and make it seem less fatty -- the federal government intervened in 1974 by enacting strict regulations requiring that a "representative slice" be made visible through a "transparent window."

  2. In 2016 an astronomer convinced Alaska Airlines to shift a flight time 25 minutes so it would pass through the path of totality for a solar eclipse. They even washed all the windows on the right side of the plane.

  3. In 2007 freezing rain left ice on the side of the CN Tower. When the wind picked up and began to blow the ice from the building, causing police to shut down some of the streets around the tower. One piece ice blew 1,068 feet and shattered a taxi's window.

  4. The president car has just one window that opens and it's on the drivers side(to pay tolls).

  5. The British and Germans invented chaff independently (under the names Window and Düppel) in 1942, but neither side was willing to use it, for fear of giving the idea to the enemy, until the British broke the taboo in July 1943

  6. The Spirit of St. Louis did not actually have a forward windshield, as Lindbergh decided to place the fuel tanks in front to improve the center of gravity. Instead, he used a periscope or looked out the side windows to see in front of him while flying.

  7. Airlines keep the window blinds up during take-off and landing so that the passengers can help spot anything that goes wrong. The visibility on both sides also helps the crew members determine which exit is best to escape from.

  8. The biocompatibility of Perspex was discovered when it was noticed that WWII fighter pilots whose eyes had been riddled with splinters from their Perspex side windows experienced scarcely any rejection compared to those with glass windows.

  9. MI6 used "Garfield the Cat" toys to transmit secret messages to their embassy, because their sucker feet allowed an agent to covertly stick the transmitter on the side window of a car.

  10. The brake levers on a bicycle are on different sides depending on which side of the road is driven on in that country. This is so that signals can be given with the same hand that a car driver would have to use (through the side window) whilst still operating the rear brake of the bicycle.

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Apparently you can use your car’s sun visor sideways by unclipping one side and rotating it towards the driver’s window (1:04 in the video). I’ve owned the car for a few years now and never ever thought of this.

About ninja rocks: broken shards of spark plugs that quickly and quietly shatter the glass side windows of cars - source

Many TV and movie producers rent out the Roosevelt Tramway cabins to film aerial views. The highest point on the tram is 250 feet high. And with windows on each side of the cabins, passengers get a 360-degree view of the city - source

That, because there is less UV-A protection in cars' side windows, there is a greater incidence of left-eye cataracts and left-side facial skin cancer

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