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About David Bamberger, a former fried chicken tycoon turned rancher that bought and restored 5,500 acres of the most badly damaged, overgrazed land in all of Texas, restored it completely and transformed it into a showpiece for environmental restoration.

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Many of the drawings Pisanello created prior to creating his fresco Saint George and the Princess of Trebizond, at the church of Sant"Anastasia in the Pellegrini Chapel are now on display at the Louvre in Paris. The fresco itself was damaged by water leaking in the late 1800s. It was restored.

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  1. In 2008 a violent electrical storm resulted in a lightning strike to the statue. The head, eyebrows and fingers were damaged. The soapstone exterior of the statue prevented severe damage as it acted as an insulator. The Rio de Janeiro state government began a restoration effort. They replaced some layers of soapstone and repaired the lightning rods on the statue.

  2. Two college graduates traveled the US vandalizing historical and private signs as "grammar vigilantes". After damaging a sign in the Grand Canyon that was more than 60 years old, the two were banned from National Parks for a year, given probation, and made to pay for the restorations.

  3. World War II caused damage to some parts of the palace and the gardens. Efforts to restore the damaged portions have been mostly successful, but very expensive.

  4. A 90-year old touring a Nuremberg museum started filling in an exhibit in the form of a crossword puzzle with the instruction “Insert words!” She was accused of damaging property. Her lawyer claimed her "re-working" of the piece entitled her to its copyright, which a restoration would violate.

  5. Painting Restoration contains multiple skills, they remove coatings, remove paint, repair damage, paint, and can UNDO each of their repairs!

  6. Spanish painter's Velazquez's "Rokeby Venus" was attacked and damaged with a meat cleaver by a feminist in 1914. It was succesfully restored, though.

  7. After Hadrian's rule, the Wall was damaged in 155 and 196, but restored by Septimius Severus (ruled 193-211) from 200 to 205.

  8. Sleep deprivation can cause brain damage. After one night without sleep, study participants' blood samples showed increased concentrations of molecules known to spike when brain damage is present. Theory: The brain needs restorative time to clean out these toxic molecules.

  9. Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream" and "Madonna" were recovered after being stolen two years prior. Both paintings suffered some damage, but the paintings were put on public display by the Munch Museum before repairs and restoration began.

  10. After WWII a German artist was invited to restore a damaged church that was lacking in frescoes. He created a number of his own, including one of Marlene Dietrich, and sued himself for forgery when no one accepted his claim of authorship.

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During the year 1956, the Mona Lisa was damaged twice by vandals. The first one threw acid at it and the second one threw a rock at it, which resulted in the loss of a speck of pigment near the left elbow. The painting (which is painted on wood) was later restored.

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