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In 1986 Jesse "The Body" Ventura attempted to unionize the pro wrestling industry, it was promptly shut down after Hulk Hogan informed WWE chairman Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon (WWE Owner) said of one of his stepdads that beat his mother "It's unfortunate he died before I could have killed him"

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  1. In 1984, during an interview, wrestler David Schultz struck John Stossel twice after Stossel said professional wrestling was "fake". Stossel suffered from pain and buzzing in his ears and obtained a settlement of $425,000. Schultz maintains that he attacked Stossel on orders from Vince McMahon.

  2. Vince McMahon (WWE Owner) is one of the richest Men with a sport-related career and has a net worth of 750 Mio. $

  3. Wrestling promoter Vince McMahon was a billionaire before losing $350M in one day.

  4. Vince McMahon wanted to be a wrestler, but his father prevented him on the basis that promoters shouldn't be in the show.

  5. The Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, a Japanese wrestling championship whose winners have included a cat, a monkey, three elementary schoolgirls, a pint of beer, a ladder (three times), Vince McMahon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, a pair of chopsticks, and the title belt itself.

  6. Vince McMahon would often have the WWF Championship Belt renewed/restored due to Hulk Hogans sweat eating through the leather.

  7. Vince McMahon's original plan before founding the original XFL as his football league was to buy all the Canadian Football League teams and have them move south of the border

  8. On Feb. 10th 1989, Vince McMahon admitted professional wrestling was fake.

  9. In 2005 Vince McMahon tore both his quads sliding into the ring.

  10. After leaving the ring following his final WWF match, an off-script altercation ensued between Bret Hart and WWF owner Vince McMahon ending with Hart giving McMahon a single real punch, dropping him to the floor. The incident unintentionally resulted in the creation of the "Mr McMahon" character

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Andy Kaufman wanted to bring his Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the world act to the then WWF. But Vince McMahon Sr. said he didn't want to bring "show business" into his pro-wrestling society and turned him down.

The Montreal Screwjob was an infamous and controversial legitimate professional wrestling incident in which World Wrestling Federation owner Vince McMahon and WWF employees covertly manipulated the pre-determined outcome of the match between Bret Hart and HBK at the 1997 Survivor Series. - source

Wrestling magnate Vince McMahon attempted to buy the Canadian Football League in 1999. Instead, NBC gave Vince $100m to help create NBC's "XFL" to compete against ABC's airing of the NFL. It was the lowest rated sport program ever, voted worst thing ever on ESPN, and each of them lost $35m - source

Vince McMahon wanted a storyline where he was the father of his daughter Stephanie's child, then when Stephanie rejected that idea he suggested her brother Shane instead. He also wanted several other incest storylines through the years.

WWE's Vince McMahon promoted Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon jump - source

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Vince McMahon has a net worth of $1.2 Billion

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Vince McMahon, billionaire and owner of the WWE, started out working 90 hours a week breaking rocks at a quarry before he and his wife decided to go into the wrestling business.

Vince McMahon was a promoter of the "Stunt of the Century" -- Evel Knievel's jump over Snake River Canyon -- where McMahon and the other investors in the event took a substantial loss.

Vincent James McMahon, Vince McMahon's dad, bragged about threatening a wrestler and was caught on tape by the FBI

Donald Trump once took down Vince McMahon at a WWE match in 2007. McMahon then had his head shaved because of it.

Tom Magee who WWE (then WWF) owner Vince McMahon thought was going to be the top wrestler but was made to look like he had the skill to do so by a talented recent new hire named Bret Hart.

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President Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame and has competed in several matches over the years, including one where he slammed Vince McMahon before shaving his head

WWE had a tag team match in 2006 that had Vince McMahon fighting god.

Donald Trump was on Wrestelmania and actually wrestled Vince McMahon

Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and has taken part in a "Battle Of The Billionaries" match in which he shaved Vince McMahon's head

Donald Trump took down and shaved the head of Vince McMahon during WrestleMania's "Battle of the Billionaires" in 2007.

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After the infamous Montreal screwjob, Bret Hart knocked Vince McMahon out cold in the locker room, despite being outnumbered 4 to 1.

When Vince McMahon's limousine exploded on the WWE Raw television show in 2007, a concerned Donald Trump phoned WWE to ask if something happened to his friend Vince (2.40).

The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, got physical with the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

Vince mcmahon almost started the "what are those" trend back in 2007 but barely missed it. ( go to 6:43)

Vince McMahon (of WWE fame) & Bob Costas were the reporters at the hospitals for David Letterman's 3rd anniversary episode, years before their confrontation over steroids

Donald Trump clotheslined Vince McMahon in Wrestlemania 23

Donald Trump shaved Vince McMahons hair in Wrestlemania.

After a wrestling stunt had vince mcmahon blow up in a limo, Donald Trump thought he was really hurt.

Vince McMahon tried to pay Mike Goldberg $100,000 to not show up to a UFC event. Mike told Dana White about it. Dana then gave Mike a $500,000 contract.

Donald Trump fell for the staged fake death of WWE promoter Vince McMahon and was so concerned that he called WWE.

Vince McMahon hates sneezing because it's something that he can't control

Hornswoggle from WWE was Vince McMahon's storyline illegitimate son.

Vince Mcmahon once booked himself in a match against God. And won.

Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame and took part in a "Battle Of The Billionaries" match in which he shaved Vince McMahon's head

Vince McMahon downplayed his ownership of the WWF for years until the Montreal Screwjob. He invented the character Mr. McMahon because of real-life hatred many wrestling fans had for McMahon following the Montreal Screwjob, at the 1997 Survivor Series.

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