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Nixon didn't want pigeon poop along the path to his inauguration, so he had $13,000 of a chemical bird repellent sprayed on trees around the area. It turned out the spray was toxic, and instead of pigeon poop, Nixon had dead pigeons lining the path to his inauguration.

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Dupont, a chemical company, knowingly dumped an incredibly toxic chemical, called C8, into the Ohio River. The chemical eventually made it's way to aquifers downstream and gave thousands of people different kinds of cancers, and many kids birth defects.

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  1. A "London Fog" was yellow smog so thick you couldn't see the ground. These "pea soupers" often carried toxic chemicals and one in 1952 killed 4,000 people in five days. Due to the Clean Air Act the last London Fog was in 1962.

  2. The Ohio River is the most polluted waterway in the United States, with 32 million lbs of toxic discharges every year. Companies are not required to release the results of their chemical safety testing to the public, nor do they have to reveal how much of each chemical they are releasing.

  3. Poison dart frogs kept in captivity are not dangerously toxic, because the alkaloids that make them toxic come from their prey. Bugs fed to them in captivity do not have these chemicals.

  4. "New Car Smell" is actually a dangerous cocktail of hundreds of toxic chemicals

  5. Corexit, the chemical dispersant used to "clean" the bp oil spill, is known to have high levels of toxicity in humans, with known links to lung damage, cancer, and other chemical poisoning effects. Corexit is still the go-to chemical for oil spills with no policies banning it in the US.

  6. About the "Toxic woman" aka Gloria Ramirez who was admitted to Riverside hospital in So Cal in 1994. Staff who treated her began feeling ill and were hospitalised themselves. After numerous theories, chemical analyses and publications, the jury is still out on this very strange medical case

  7. There is a "No-Go Zone" in France as a result of WWI battles which littered the grounds with unexploded weapons and toxic chemicals

  8. The "New Car" smell is a mixture of paint, plastics, adhesives and other chemicals and can potentially be toxic

  9. Bacteria which has evolved to be able to survive in the highly toxic Berkeley Pit superfund site produces a chemical compound not found anywhere else with anticancer potential.

  10. When you urinate in the pool, the nitrogen in the urine and the chlorine mix to form cyanogen chloride, a toxic chemical. However, the amount created is very small, and doesn't pose much harm, due to the very small dosage.

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In 1985 a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India exposed 500,000 people to toxic chemicals and 4,000 - 16,000 people died. The incident is considered the world's worst industrial disaster and although deactivated, the plant continues to contaminate the local drinking water.

Texas is #1 in toxic chemicals released into water, carcinogens released into air, carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous waste, #2 in overall birth rate, #50 in % with high school diploma, population insured, women receiving prenatal care in first trimester - source

Entire plant is filled with milky sap, hence the name - milkweed. Sap contains latex, alkaloids and cardiac glycosides. Some species of milkweed produce toxic chemicals to protect themselves against hungry herbivores.

All parts of the plant, except flowers and fruit, contain toxic chemical called sambunigrin.

The impact on the environment, public health, and on the economy due to the shrinking of the Aral Sea has included destroyed ecosystems, toxic chemical plains, toxic dust, lack of water, health issues, lost incomes due to the loss of the fishing industry and trapping industry, hotter summers and colder winters, and destroyed river deltas.

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Losing weight can release toxic chemicals stored in your fat, including pesticides and flame retardants, which can damage your organs and increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

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A chemistry professor accidentally spilled a drop or two of dimethylmercury on the back of her latex-gloved hand. However, the chemical was so toxic that she died a violent death by mercury poisoning several months later.

All parts of Jimson weed contain toxic alkaloids (group of chemicals) such as atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine. Ingestion of Jimson weed induces delirium, drying of mouth, blurred vision, tachycardia (accelerated heart rate), slurred speech and elevation of body temperature. Unpleasant effects of Jimson weed are summarized in the phrase: "Red as a beet, dry as a bone, blind as a bat, mad as a hatter".

The Nazis did use chemical weapons in combat on several occasions along the Black Sea, notably in Sevastopol, where they used toxic smoke to force Russian resistance fighters out of caverns below the city, in violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol

Oil extracted from the lemon skin contains chemicals which repel insects. Because of that, lemon oil is used in the production of non-toxic insecticide.

Amygdalin is chemical compound isolated from seed. It turns into toxic compound known as cyanide in the human body.

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C8, a synthetic chemical manufactured by duPont is a carcinogen and toxicant detected in the blood of 98% of Americans, and they knew this decades ago

Robert Oppenheimer "Father Of The Atom Bomb", while being a graduate student at Cambridge University, Tried To poison his teacher with an apple laced with toxic chemicals because he felt the teacher has given him too much lab work.

Basil contains chemicals which repel insects. Certain experiments showed that basil is toxic for mosquitoes.

Low water levels can result in the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the water which enters the human food supply chain through seafood.

Sap extracted from the leaves, stem, root, flowers and seed contains toxic chemicals known as furanocoumarins. These substances induce strong reaction on the human skin known as phytophotodermatitis (light-induced skin irritation). Plant's sap destroys natural defensive mechanisms which protect skin from the negative effects of the sun (more precisely of the UV rays). As a result, large burns and blisters appear on the skin.

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There has not been a single case of an LSD overdose from chemical toxicity

Latest medical studies suggest that root of wild ginger contains two potent antibiotics, but plant should be used cautiously because it also contains toxic chemicals.

Saran Wrap's clinginess comes from a toxic chemical so the CEO ordered it removed - even though it cost the company, with market shares dropping from 18% to 11%

Norilsk, a mining city with a population of 175,000 that’s above the arctic circle where 20% of the World’s Nickel is produced. Norilsk puts out 4 million tons of toxic chemicals annually and the soil is so contaminated it is economically feasible to mine it.

The plastic debris that reaches the ocean is capable of absorbing the toxic chemicals polluting the water. The sea life that consumes the plastic is then poisoned. Because plastic never completely disappears and breaks down into smaller pieces, it is often seen as food to marine life.

Some components of e-waste are burned to release parts. The burning of many of these parts creates noxious and toxic chemicals into the air and ground.

In 1986 a chemical factory fire in Switzerland resulted in severely polluting the already polluted river. The toxic chemicals killed millions of fish and wildlife that lived along the Rhine River. It only took 10 days for the toxic chemicals to reach the North Sea.

Large quantities of toxic chemicals in the common sneezeweed provide protection against large herbivores.

All parts of laburnum (root, bark, wood, leaves, flowers, pod and seed) contain toxic substance called cytisine (alkaloid that has similar chemical structure like nicotine). Ingestion of any part of the plant may induce fatal poisoning of humans and animals (such as goats, sheep and horses).

All parts of deadly nightshade contain tropane alkaloids (group of toxic chemicals) that induce strong hallucinations, delirium, blurred vision, headache and loss of balance (among other symptoms). One leaf or 2 to 5 berries contain enough toxins to kill an adult man. Root of the plant contains the greatest amount of toxins.

Martian Dust is not only fine enough to pose a breathing hazard for astronauts (similar to silicosis), but chemically toxic

In the 2010 BP gulf oil spill BP and the US Coast Guard used a "chemical dispirsant" that they claimed broke up the oil. Instead it just sank the oil temporarily, made it 52x more toxic, did nothing to clean it up, and is extremely poisonous. BP knew all of this before using it

There as many as 600 different chemicals used in the fracking fluid and many of these are known to be toxic and carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Some of these include lead, uranium, mercury, ethylene glycol, radium, methanol, hydrochloric acid, and formaldehyde.

Just like other member of the nightshade family, wolfberry also contains toxic alkaloids (group of chemicals). Level of these chemicals in wolfberry is low, which makes this plant safe for the human consumption.

The toy Aqua Dots/Bindeez was supposed to contain the non-toxic chemical 1,5-pentanediol (a viscous oily liquid used as plasticiser), but instead contained 1,4-butanediol, which is metabolised into the drug gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, also known as GHB, the date rape drug.

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