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A Harvard study found that hiring one highly productive ‘toxic worker’ does more damage to a company’s bottom line than employing several less productive, but more cooperative, workers.

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The tiny garish Crucifix Toad secretes a glue to catch insect prey that has been found to be the strongest non-toxic adhesive known, works irrespective of temperature or moisture while remaining flexible and porous, and has exciting new applications in medicine, as it is 'highly biocompatible'.

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  1. Chemistry graduate student Barry Kidston gave himself Parkinson's disease after ingesting a compound he synthesized for a legal high. An impurity he neglected is toxic to dopamine neurons, which is responsible for the effect. He was treated, but died of a cocaine overdose 18 months later.

  2. Because regular air is toxic at high pressures, deep sea divers live on a mix of helium and oxygen, meaning they live and speak with a squeaky helium voice for around a month while working.

  3. Corexit, the chemical dispersant used to "clean" the bp oil spill, is known to have high levels of toxicity in humans, with known links to lung damage, cancer, and other chemical poisoning effects. Corexit is still the go-to chemical for oil spills with no policies banning it in the US.

  4. Scientists have discovered a 'lake' in the Gulf of Mexico with water five times as salty that is highly toxic. For animals (and people) who swim into it, these toxic concentrations can be deadly. Only bacterial life, tube worms, and shrimp can survive

  5. JUUL is the only electronic cigarette product found with nicotine concentrations high enough to be toxic in standard cytotoxicity tests. The nicotine found in JUUL products is about 61 milligrams per milliliter of fluid in pods—equivalent to more than one pack of conventional cigarettes.

  6. Beryllium, the fourth element on the periodic table, is rarely used by chemists. However, because it is light and strong, it is used in aircraft and cell phones. It is also highly toxic. Just 1/4 milligram (mass of a grain of salt) can kill a rat.

  7. Bacteria which has evolved to be able to survive in the highly toxic Berkeley Pit superfund site produces a chemical compound not found anywhere else with anticancer potential.

  8. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol rapidly growing in popularity for it's benefits to human health, is highly toxic to dogs and several other animals. A dose of only a teaspoon can be fatal to even large breed dogs.

  9. Dolphins seem to use toxic pufferfish to get high.

  10. Oxygen is toxic to all life forms. Although aerobic life manipulates this property, oxygen is highly electronegative and capable of destroying most biological molecules. Extra proof in comments.

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What type of nitrogen is highly toxic to fish?

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Cashew shells are highly toxic and contain a corrosive substance that has caused permanent injures to the hands of those who work in processing them.

Texas is #1 in toxic chemicals released into water, carcinogens released into air, carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous waste, #2 in overall birth rate, #50 in % with high school diploma, population insured, women receiving prenatal care in first trimester - source

Cultivation of angel trumpet is prohibited in some communities due to high content of toxic compounds.

While selenium is toxic in high doses, it appears to be a necessary nutrient in plants and animals.

The Podostroma Cornu-Damae, a mushroom native to Asia with such a high toxicity that it can cause multiple organ failure, hair loss and the skin to peel off, giving the illusion of radiation poisioning - source

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The Emperor of Japan is the only person in Japan who is not allowed to eat fugu (pufferfish), due to its highly toxic properties.

Despite numerous beneficial effects, tansy needs to be used cautiously due to high content of alkaloids in this plant that can induce abortion, damage of liver and brain, and convulsions of the body (when tansy is consumed in great quantity). Toxic effects of tansy can be also seen in the livestock.

Although sea anemones are mostly poisonous only to their prey, some species are known to be highly toxic to humans. Some are even potentially lethal to humans because of their toxins.

Cinnamon can induce allergy in sensitive persons. It also can induce liver and kidney disorders when consumed in high amount due to toxic substance called coumarine.

People used to believe that rich yellow color of the butter originates from high content of buttercups in the cows" diet. This belief is false since cows avoid buttercups due to high toxicity of these plants.

Sunblock is highly toxic to coral reefs.

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Modern studies showed that dog's mercury contains highly toxic compounds and it is no longer used in herbal medicine. Exposure to high temperatures and drying of dog's mercury can reduce toxicity of this plant.

Berries of American pokeweed were used for the preparation of pies and jellies in the past. Raw berries are toxic. They have to be exposed to high temperatures (properly cooked) to ensure destruction of all harmful compounds.

Black lemurs have a habit of picking up and biting at toxic millipedes. Once this is achieved the black lemur will rub the millipede around its body to get the toxins on its fur to help repel insects and since they inhale the toxin, they get high.

Because of the high acidity and temperature extremes at Mariana Trench the environment is considered to be almost toxic. However it supports life at this level, and as many as 200 microorganisms have been identified at Mariana Trench.

The production of Greek yogurt creates a toxic by-product called acid whey. Acid whey is high in sugar which leads to the proliferation of sugar eating bacteria which leads to the deoxygenation of water. The deoxygenated water is inhospitable to life.

Osmium is rarely used in its pure form, given that it can be highly toxic and volatile.

It is, however, not highly toxic to living organisms in small amounts.

Dolphins deliberately use toxic pufferfish to get high

Psychoactive toads exist. Colorado River toads contain a substance 5 times as potent as DMT- a strong hallucinogenic drug banned in the US. People have been arrested for attempting to get high by licking the toxic glands of the toads, when in fact the drug has to be extracted to be used.

Osmium readily forms osmium tetroxide, which is highly toxic through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion.

The liver was the only part of the polar bear routinely discarded by traditional hunters as its high Vitamin A levels are toxic. They tossed it into the sea or buried it to protect their dogs from poisoning.

Each rhubarb stalk ends with large, triangular, drooping leaf with prominent midrib. Unlike stalks, leaves are not edible. They contain high percent of oxalic acid which is toxic for humans.

Sea snakes are the most venomous of the world's snakes. One drop of sea snake venom is reputed to have the potency to kill five men. This high toxicity enables them to disable their cold-blooded prey

Arsenopyrite is highly toxic in nature and is also extremely flammable. If it is burning, it releases poisonous sulfur and arsenic fumes which if the fumes are inhaled, the results can become fatal.

A 1980 fire that started in a 1st floor restaurant of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas involved highly combustible finishing materials on the walls and ceilings. These materials generated hot smoke and toxic gasses that dispersed through the building's 26 improperly protected floors killing 84

Acrylamides are a substance believed to cause cancer. Processed and fried potato foods such as French fries and potato chips contain acrylamides in high enough concentrations to be considered among the worst foods that expose people to this substance. It is believed it is the potato and the high heat and oil that cause this dangerous toxic substance to form.

Pilsen where Pilsner comes from was originally named for "Bilsenkraut", or henbane. Henbane is a highly toxic plant related to tomatoes, and its seeds were added to Bavarian beer for centuries until it was banned by the world's first alcohol legislation, the Bavarian Beer Purity Act of 1516

In 2008, celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson mistakenly recommended henbane, a highly toxic plant known for its hallucinogenic properties, as a "tasty addition to salads".

The early 1990s, the Department of Energy has been destroying highly toxic waste with spent nuclear fuel, converting it into virtually harmless byproducts by irradiating it with gamma rays.

The combination of cocaine and alcohol leaves a highly toxic chemical in the liver called cocaethylene. A study found strong links between snorting cocaine and long, heavy drinking sessions

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