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On the set of Spider-man: Homecoming, Michael Keaton would troll Tom Holland by whispering "I'm Batman" during fight scenes

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It has been confirmed by both Tom Holland and Kevin Feige that Spider-Man was in Iron Man 2, he was the little boy in an Iron Man toy mask who stood against one of Vanko's armored drones.

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  1. Spider-man has been played in movies by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.

  2. Tom Holland, who will be portraying Spider-Man in 2017, attended a Bronx high school for several days to prepare for his role. When he told a few students he would be portraying Spider-Man, they did not believe him. Holland drew parallels between this and Peter Parker's secret identity.

  3. Spider man actor Tom Holland got bullied in school for being a dancer

  4. For Spiderman: Homecoming they specifically animated the CGI to look like it was Tom Holland in the suit. It worked so well that Tom himself thought the completely cgi test was himself moving around.

  5. Tom Holland is a trained dancer and did many of his own stunts in Spider-Man: Homecoming (including in-costume)

  6. Tom Holland had a mole on his chin removed before he would go on to play Spider-Man in Homecoming

  7. In 2013, Tom Holland joked with a reporter that he'd like to play Spider-Man "in the reboot of the reboot of the reboot". 2 years later, the Spider-Man films were surprisingly rebooted and Holland was cast in the role.

  8. Tom Holland, the newest Spider-Man, voiced the main character for a Studio Ghibli anime movie's English Dub.

  9. Marvel was looking for what's called a "Butt-double". The fans said that Brie Larson was "Buttless." This was originally from the famous meme comparing Tom Holland's butt and Brie Larson's butt, but I just knew that Marvel literally looked for someone with a butt.

  10. A scene of Spider-Man homecoming had to be retaken as Tom Holland's dialect coach was away and he fell from his NY Queens voice to his London one.

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